You Seriously Need These Exterior Paint Colors

Appeal your guest to come visit your house with these marvelous exterior paint colors. Do not hesitate about making a difference. Get bold and fascinating color palettes to make your house looks like nothing else, even if from miles away.

Unique Home Architecture with Asymmetrical Design Finished with Grey Exterior Painting

Brown and Yellow Shades

Do not think that those two colors are not so good for one another. Here, prairie brown and yellow-gold are bridged by gray to color some of the rims at the exterior parts of the house. Prairie brown is used to coat most of the modern-themed house’s walls, while the yellow-gold is put on several smaller parts such as terrace and areas around the house’s windows. In unity, the three of them create a warm and minimalist look.

Green and Blue

Being placed among trees, this house looks much of Shrek’s house, without the creepiness that you might have perceived while watching the movie. In addition, the soft green wooden walls with touches of sky blue on rims, plus cotton white door create a cool but homey atmosphere even if you are not even inside the house. A house with these colors will effortlessly blend with the nature surrounding the building.

Surprising Green Exterior Paint for Two Story House with Neat Lawn and Flower Beds

Simply Black and White

If you are expecting for some ideas about exterior paint colors to come into your head, then we can help you with this classic combination of white and black. Those two colors are everlasting. In whatever trend, they do not look so outdated, so it’s kind of a good idea to make them your home’s exterior thematic colors. Coat the smaller elements with the black and white on the walls, so your house will still be visible when the night comes.

Clay and Chocolate Brown

Well, for a Southwest-styled house, a combination of clay and chocolate brown colors is perfect. This color palette creates a warm, natural ambience. Paired with stone walls at some parts of the house exterior, the colors would blend beautifully, without missing its function as attention seeker. As a tip, complete the color palette with some natural green shades from plants.

Cream and Deep Blue

Last but not least, this inspiration would satisfy your looking for great exterior paint colors. Navy blue, cream and beige are marvelous to be used to color up your house’s exterior. Put the blue on rims, cream on the house’s window and door frames while beige is good at making the walls look so effortlessly calm.

Stone and Grey Exterior Paint Combined with Wood Accents for Pillars, Fence and Stairs

Unpredictable Home Exterior Paint Color in Red with Dark Grey Roof and White Trims

Sleek Rectilinear Exterior Wall Completed in Grey Color with White Windows and Black Shutters

Popular Grey and White Exterior Paint Colors Supported with Stone Accent and Shingled Wall

Alluring Grey and White Home Exterior Paint Colors with Exposed Brick and Glass Accents

Dark Grey Exterior Paint Color for Duplex House with White and Glass Accents for Windows

Cotentemporary Duplex House with Dark Grey Exterior Pain Combined with Wooden Stairs

Minimalist Home Exterior Design Painted in White and Black with Exposed Glass Features

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