Wood Wall Decor: Using Reclaimed Wood

Having wood walls surrounded our house is great. Woods will definitely give us a rustic, homey and casual atmosphere in our house. Not to mention the tone of the wood that we will see when it ages. The walls will definitely look great and natural. The thing is, woods are not fireproof so they are a bit dangerous. Nowadays, those who like natural look of woods for their house will definitely have brick or concrete walls that are covered by planks or reclaimed woods. Are you thinking to have reclaimed woods for your walls? Undoubtedly it is great to have reclaimed woods for your walls. It takes you creativity and patience.

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What do you need to know about reclaimed woods for your walls?

You do know that wooden walls give you warm feeling to be inside them and you do know that woods have so many textures and characters. So we need to know that reclaimed woods should be only an accent they cannot rule a décor of a room. Otherwise the room will look so hot and cramp with the woods’ characters and textures.

It is not easy to find a great accent for wooden walls so you need to find inspiration from others. They will probably suggest you with natural look of woods if your room is not really large. Paint the reclaimed woods with natural color if you want to.

If you think that it is not easy to find reclaimed woods, go to your friend having reclaimed wood walls in their house and ask information. Actually, reclaimed woods can be from barns, farmhouses, boats, shipping pallets, mills, or even from a house that is renovated. If it is possible you can visit excavation companies to get reclaimed woods.

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If you have now reclaimed woods, you will have a lot of things to do. You will have to check whether the reclaimed woods have bugs or not. There will be scraps from reclaimed woods, so you need to be very creative to use them by collecting the ones with the same form and size. You will definitely carve your reclaimed woods. Be careful in doing that, otherwise, the reclaimed woods will be different in thickness. Except you plan to have different thickness of your reclaimed wooden for your walls.

If you want to decorate your walls with reclaimed woods by yourself, you will need a chop saw, a nail gun, sandpapers, etc. Are you inspired enough by this article about wood wall décor?

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