Wonderful Living Room Wall Art Decoration

What you see in a living room of a house that makes it attractive and unforgettable?

Lovely Wall Decor above Black Sofa plus Glass Coffee Table

Living room does not need to have pricey decoration. Recently, recycled woods from used boats are very popular to put on living room wall, and can be an artistic accent. The colorful vintage materials just make it perfect. Some colors might be fading as an effect of water and sun light contact. Many other recycled decorations can be applied on your living room wall. If you have some nostalgic photos from your childhood or families, framing it in a nice photo frame is great. How to make a perfect frame composition on living room wall?

First thing before you start decorating a living room wall art, define color of the wall. Materials taken for the frames are better fit with the wall color. Wallpaper can be the best element to be your living room wall art as well. Choose the simplest motifs of wallpapers with nice neutral color so when you are ready to put frames on it, you do not need to change the base color. These frames can be purchased in the market or ordered in custom. The width of living room wall does matter. You can combine more than 1 wall side with different size of frames. If you want to decor two adjacent walls, you can put large paintings or photo frame on 1 side and smaller frames on the other side. The position of frames should be not too high and not to low, because it will be the centre of sight in the living room.

In Chinese culture, it is common to put a mirror in a living room wall. This is not an art element, but also feng sui element. The purpose of mirror is to refuse negative energy that may come to the house through the front doors. Believe it or not, some feng shui principals can be applied and is right in logical thinking. So, if you think putting mirror on your living room wall is a good idea, you can think of materials for the mirror frame.

Stunning Sofa and Coffee Table Plus Living Room Wall Art

Some naturals such as tree branch left overs that are arranged in a nice round or foursquare arrangement can be an option. Some creative artists make rolls of used paper and arrange them as a frame. Wonderful! Some furniture component can also be living room wall art. Custom made single wooden rack you buy from the stores can be organizers of books, small frames, or collection of hobbies. You should put the right composition to make it nice. Installing single wooden rack on the wall is very easy, you can do it yourself.

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