White Wall Shelves for Effective Storage in Small Kitchen

By | April 30, 2022

Small kitchen doesn’t always mean that you will lack of space and comfort to cook and preparing the foods. By choosing the right design and placing of all things on the right place, you can make the small kitchen feels more airy and inviting for all people. Besides, maximizing the space for storage is also a great idea to make the kitchen well-organized. It will create a tidier kitchen that improve the inviting atmosphere. Apply some white wall shelves to organize kinds of kitchen items and see how much it will save the space. There are many options of white shelves to choose for your kitchen. Find the best to make it something that also beautifies the small kitchen.

Modern Black and White Kitchen With Wooden Floating Shelving

Floating Shelves

A floating shelf is a shelving type designed in minimalist look so it will be suitable for a modern kitchen design. The floating design makes the shelves as if floating without any support. The less component makes it perfect for small kitchens but quite functional to organize various items. Besides, the shelves are also perfect choices if you don’t have enough cabinets. Place one or more lines of floating shelves besides kitchen stoves to place jars of spices, sugar, salts, glassware, etc. so the items are reachable whenever you need them while cooking. Otherwise, the white wall shelves are also perfect to be installed as L shaped corner shelves, additional shelves under upper cabinets, and so on.

Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are also the most favorite shelving in home kitchens. It can be made in various designs and sizes based on the needs. For a small kitchen, slim but long shelves are mostly preferred to organize more items but saving more space. It will not only be used to organize kitchen items but also decorative items that improve the beauty of the kitchen. This kind of kitchen shelves can be made from kinds of materials including wood, wrought iron, metal, etc.

Open Shelving Kitchen Organized with White Wall Shelves

Stand Alone Shelves

In a kitchen that doesn’t have any cabinetry, standalone shelves are commonly chosen. This kitchen shelf type commonly comes with doors and sometimes drawers that make it having additional storage for kitchen items. If you have a small kitchen, consider the size of this shelf well before choosing one for your kitchen. White wall shelves might be a better option since the white color brings the illusion of smaller look. Besides, choosing a tall one instead of the wide one is better to save the floor space in the small kitchen.

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