White lamp Shade for Modern Room

White lamp shade is chosen by so many people who want to decorate their room. Lamp shade is part of lamp or lighting accessory and you must be careful when you choose right lamp shade so it will match with all things in your room and home. You need to choose right color for the lamp shade and in the same time you must choose right shape and size that is suitable with the lamp that you have. If you just buy lamp shade and you don’t know how to make it match with your room, what you need to do is doing some steps here.

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Paint your Lamp Shade

If you think that your white lamp shade is not suitable for your room, what you need to do is painting your lamp shade. It is good to buy plastic lamp shade because plastic lamp shade is easy to be painted. You need to choose right color and then spray the lamp shade. How about the best paint that you must choose? You need to choose non flammable paint that suitable with your room and then you need to read the paint packaging. Please make sure that the shade is cleaned before you spray the new color.

For all of you who think that it is too dangerous to paint your lamp shade with new color, you can choose to change the fabric for your lamp shade. Today there are some fabrics with different colors that you can choose to give different atmosphere and feeling in your room. You can change feeling and atmosphere in cheap way without need to buy new lamp shade for your lamp.

Decorate Plain Lamp Shade

If you think that you need unique and different lamps hade because you just buy plain lamp shade, it is good for you to add trimming or you can also cover with fabric and some other decorations so you will get new look of lamp shade in your room. As we know lighting is important element for your room so what you need to do is making it looks different without wasting your money.

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It doesn’t matter although you only have white lamp shade because you can make it looks different and make it fits with your room design and style. Today you can find lamp shade in easy way. You just need to search in some stores or you can buy via online and you will get perfect lamp shade for your home, room and other places.

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