Which Unique Table Lamps You Prefer?

Table lamps are house decoration which has important lighting function. They are designed with many unique ideas throughout the millennium era. The following are unique table lamps you can consider to purchase from the home decor stores nearby:

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Bamboo Table Lamps

Nature always provides us with many useful materials for daily life. Bamboo table lamps have been popular in Asia and broadening its market to other continent like America and Europe. Bamboo table lamps contain bamboo stands and the lampshade. Although they are made of bamboo, we still can set electrical tools for the lamps and cables.

Linen Table Lamps

Table lamps foot are usually made of wood or marble stones. Linen materials for the lamp shades are popular and inexpensive. We can also have many option on the linen texture and motifs. Beige or white are nice option for color, it can be matched with other sharp color of wall or bed linens. Woven linen is kind of table lamp shades that people love most. They look ethnic and sweet.

Marble Stones Table Lamps

This kind of materials have been attract specific buyers. They cost a lot, but the marble could give unique tone of light through its marble lamp shade. Yes. They produce marble stone table lamps made of marble for its stands and lampshade. The cream and jade green color of marble stones are used to be offered on the catalogues.

Brass Table Lamps

Brass can be metal used for many home furnishing. Brass is also materials used for table lamp base. Its minimalist strong design can be combined with many materials of lampshade. This unique table lamps can be painted in gold and adapt middle east model of sculpture. Linen lampshade covering this table lamp fits the brass well.

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River Stone Table Lamps

Who said we can’t use natural stones for table decoration? River stone has been sculptured for many purposes. Beside its main function as building construction materials, river stone can be made as home decoration. Being popular as materials of many historical temples in Southeast Asia countries, river stones are now used for garden waterfalls, mini statues, kitchen tools, and interior decoration. River stone table lamps use the stone for its sculptured base.

The ethnic products of unique table lamps are usually sold online. They are made in the home country where the materials are produced. But for wooden or metal products, you can find them everywhere. Choose the unique table lamps because everyone is unique and they can give you inspiring ideas in making your interior rich and fabulous.

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