Which the Best Coffee Table to Choose; Is It Coffee Table with Stools?

By | April 7, 2022

Coffee table is one of the most important features in every home. Most homeowners apply it in a living room coupled with sofa or chairs. The name of coffee table doesn’t always mean that it is used as a companion of the owner to drink coffee but also to enjoy other activities such as reading a book, watching TV, or even enjoying casual diners. There are many options of coffee table on the market, you must choose the best one that is suitable with the living room design and what function you need to get from a piece of the furniture.

Awesome Coffee Table with Round Stools and Glass Top Decorating Simple White Room with Tile Flooring

The Coffee Table Size

Coffee tables are made in different sizes, so you should choose based on the living room size and also the living room furniture setup. Choose the coffee table size based on the three basic rules. First, choose one in the same height with your sofa or a little bit shorter. Secondly, the length isn’t more than two-thirds length of the sofa. Thirdly, make sure it provides clearance in each side.

However, those are not strict rules that should be always followed. You also should consider your needs in choosing the coffee table size, including your body height or how you are going to use the table. You may plan to use shorter coffee table and use it by sitting on the floor like in an international living room. Otherwise, coffee table with stools might be an interesting option if you need additional seats besides the sofa or living room chairs.

The Coffee Table Shape

The most commonly chosen coffee table shape is rectangular. However, there are endless shapes made by furniture designers. If you are frequently welcoming some guests for entertainment, you may need oval or circular coffee tables. The rounder shape is more suitable for gathering because it is safer and easier to maneuver. Besides, such table also can become outstanding focal contrast in the living room compared with the rectangle ones. Consider about the room size too when choosing the shape of the coffee table.

Wavy Glass Top Decorating Modern Coffee Table with Round Stools on Grey Carpet Rug near Grey Wall

Legs and Support of the Coffee Table

Legs and support of the coffee table will determine how comfortable and convenient the coffee table is. Choose a coffee table with the right design of legs and support so it is strong and sturdy enough to hold the items put on the surface. You might put many things on the coffee table when you hold a special party such as in Thanksgiving with a large turkey placed on it, and so on. Also consider about how the base of the table is cleaned.

Choose Black Tufted Leather Coffee Table with Ottoman and Stools on White Carpet and Oak Flooring

Complete Appealing Living Room with Round Coffee Table with Stools on Grey Carpet near Black Bookshelves

Fill Contemporary Living Room with Wooden Coffee Table with Stools and Fluffy Sofas on Hardwood Flooring

Modern Coffee Table with Stools and Glass Top Completing Stylish Room with White Stone Wall

Place Round Coffee Table with Stools in Comfy Sitting Room with White Bookshelves and Cream Carpet

Square Ottomans Completing Dark Wooden Coffee Table with Stools on Laminate Hardwood Flooring near Grey Wall

White Coffee Table with Stools and Ottomans Decorated with Red Roses near Grey Sectional Sofa

Wonderful Glass Top Coffee Table with Round Oak Stools Placed on Grey Carpet Rug in Cozy Room

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