Which Eiffel Tower Lamp that is Perfect for A Girl Room?

An eiffel tower lamp can be the most decorative and romantic table lamp of all time. We can actually find this Eiffel lamp easily. The lamps usually comes with various kind designs and details. They all are romantic and pretty, so which kind of Eiffel lamps that is perfect for a a girl room?

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An Eiffel table lamp with a cup

The most common Eiffel tower comes with two main structures. The wire part build the look of Eiffel tower with a lamp fitting on the top of the tower. This table usually has a cup to cover the lamp. This table usually comes in a small and medium size so we can easily place the lamp in a table, even in the corner of the table. This kind of lamp almost goes with numerous kind of girl’s room decoration.

There are different styles of an Eiffel tower table lamp. The most common design comes with wire or metal materials for the tower. You can choose at least four different colors for the tower, golden, black, silver, and even white color. There are countless designs for the cup, but mostly the cup comes with simple design without too much details. The best cup would come with simple design and light colors such as white. Meanwhile, the warm lighting would be best for this eiffel tower lamp. However, some pastels colors would be also perfect for the lamp as long as it fits to the bedroom decoration.

Corner Eiffel lamps

The second style of Eiffel lamp is the lamp that looks like a miniature of the tower. Just like the lamp base, there are also several different kind of designs and styles of this lamp. The most popular and the most wanted Eiffel tower is the one that is made of iron or metals. This material creates a perfect detail so the lamp looks like the real Eiffel tower. There are also several different colors such as black, golden, silver, and even white.

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The black color would be perfect for a classic girl room. It creates elegant and romantic look. Meanwhile, the golden tower would create glamour and fresh look to decorate the room. For you who want more vintage or modern bedroom, the silver and white color would be the best choice. Whichever you choose, you need to really consider the style of your room. It is also suggested for you to choose warm tone light for the eiffel tower lamp so the lamp would look classic and romantic.

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