What You Should Do in Remodeling Small Bathroom

Doing small bathroom remodels requires planning, money, times and skillful. If you lack one of those factors, your new bathroom will become disaster. When you start planning, you have to make targets that the remodeling result will increase your house value and reduce the amount of your current bills. So here are what you should do when you do remodeling. Have a look.

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· Prepare the budget for the unexpected. Bathroom has a lot of hidden installment and problems behind its walls. The most common hidden problem is water damage. That is why before you knock out all the walls of your small bathroom, it is recommended to allocate the budget 10 to 15 percent more than you think you need.

· Pick the appropriate surface materials. The bathroom will constantly get wet so you must select the materials which will stand up to humid environment and stain-resistant. For the floors and walls porcelain is popular choice. For the sink, stainless steel or enamel-on steel is the best choice because of its durability and stain-resistant. While for countertop of bathroom vanity, solid-surface like granite and quartz are the favorite choice.

· Hide the toilet. The hidden toilet will make your bathroom look more stylish and elegant since the “dirty feature” is not visually be appeared.

· Pick shower than tub. The problem with small bathroom is not enough space in the room. Replacing the tub with good shower is one of the steps to make your bathroom look bigger. Besides, the amount you used tub is much less than the amount you used shower. Pick nice shower like waterfall shower so you can feel new sensation from your old shower. However, keep your tub intact if there is no another bathroom with tub.

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· Pick water-efficient features. Recently the technology have created bathroom features, for example faucet, shower, and toilet, to be more water-efficient. They may much more expensive than the non-water-efficient features when you bought them, but in the long run they will save you more money from paying the water bills.

· Pick single sink than double sink. Vanities with double sinks usually have bigger size than single sink vanities. To save the space and of course, your budget, opt to one sink vanity.

· Proper ventilation and lighting. Proper ventilation can prevent mold and mildew form in the room. The good lighting will give you proper light when you apply the makeup or clean the room.

Those are several suggestions of what you should do when you do small bathroom remodels. Hope it can help you create beautiful bathroom like you wish for.

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