What to Notice Before Buying a Floor Lamp Shades

Lampshade is one of important factor which lead the atmosphere and mood of the room. There are table lamps and floor lamps. Both type have different style, shape, and size available, make your preference isn’t limited and easier to mix and match with your room’s decoration. Choosing the wrong one can ruin the decoration of the room itself. That’s why there are several factors you should notice before buy your favorite lampshade. Here are tips on how to choose floor lamp shades for your room.

Dainty Sofa and Wooden Coffee Table Under Track Light Plus Neat floor Lamp Shades

Pay Attention to the Size

The first and most important point you have to take note before start to buy is what size of floor lampshade you need for your room. You have to choose the one that will suited for your room needed. For a large room, having a bigger lampshade may important to light the entire vast space. However if you only have a limited space of room, it’s wise to just choose the little one. Choosing the wrong size might affected in the room’s light and space.

Match the Lampshade with Room’s Decoration

The second important point is you have to choose floor lampshade which suited with your room’s decoration theme. Just like another furniture does, lampshade also have different styles available to meet your needed and requirements. There are flower theme lamps, Victorian theme, gothic color theme, bright color theme, and so many more color and pattern preference. You surely don’t want to ruin the entire mood of your room just because you placed the wrong floor lampshade, right?

The Importance of Shape

Another yet trivial, but important point you have to take note is the shape of the lamp itself. Round shape is the common one, but there are also another shape available such as rectangle, ova, empire, reverse empire, and straight empire. The shape can be mix and match with your room theme and space, such as reverse empire lamp might help to save more space for limited room and round shape is much better to light the larger room.

Wonderful Bedroom With Simple Bed and Study Table also Drum Floor Lamp Shades

The Material

Lampshade coming from different materials which have their own advantage. The common one is plastic, but there are also cotton, silk, parchment and also linen. Parchment lamp is much suited for a room with modern, minimalist looking room. While silk and cotton lamps are much suited for vintage room because of their classic atmosphere. And linen lamp can give a rustic atmosphere in the room.

Alluring Floor Lamp Shades Near Sofa To Decorate Small Living Room

Awesome Living Area With Red Sofa also Hug Table Lamp Shade

Delicate Table Lamp With Bell Shade also Lush Sofa and Coffee Table

Horrible Floor Lamp Shades Beside Leather Arm Chair Near Window

Interesting Dining Room With Wooden Table and Chairs also Pendant Lighting

Outstanding Floor Lamp Using White Drum Shade also Dark Metal Pipe

Pretty Dining Room With Chandelier also Wooden Table and Sleek Chairs

Spacious Room With Study Desk Set also Dark Sofa Beside Drum Floor Lamp Shades

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