What is Your Favorite Full Bed Headboard?

Replacing your old full bed headboard with the new model may be part of your house renovation. This is common, as people sometimes can be bored of their home decoration or interior design look. It is not so difficult to design your new full bed headboard, or you can even utilize your used doors to be a headboard. Buying a new headboard from the home furnishing stores can be costly. Because they usually sell headboard together with the bed set. You can also use the old hearboard and re-model it for a new look.

Delightful Bedroom Furniture Using Full Bed Headboard also Floor Lamp and Table

However, before you start your full bed headboard, let see why is it so important to your bedrooom new design? A bed set takes most of bedroom space, and the rest of the space is used for cabinets, make up table and chair, and table lamps. Your bed and its headboard will be the centre of attention in your bedroom. This is why how it looks is very important, if you are an interior design fans. Although you can cover the old headboard look with cushions, bed cover and bed linens, it is recommended to keep it in good condition.

Remodelling headboard

You can change the leather cover of full bed headboard with the new one. If you are bored with fake leather cover, try other materials like thick linen with colorful motifs or stripes. If you have an old triangle shape of full bed headboard before, you can also cut it into square and recover the headboard with the new materials. This way you can have cheaper product without purchasing it.

Recycle Headboard

Do not throw your old doors because you can reuse them for many purposes. Recycled headboard is one of things you can make from used doors. Even an outdoor weathered shutters can look beautiful and vintage when you put in the right place. You can place the doors horizontally or vertically, it depends on the result you desire. Placing it vertically can give you more space above your head to put some accents on the wood. You can put stickers or unique photos to have a retro theme design.

Interesting Design Of Full Bed Headboard also Cute Blanket and Pillow

Besides an old doors that you can recycle to be a full bed headboards, you can also get some pinewoods from wooden container for packaging. Pinewoods always look amazing when they are made for furnitures. They can be glowing with certain coating, strong and long lasting. Compose some layers of short pinewoods horizontally and match with the bed size. You can put your pillows covered by colorful cover and they can be a perfect combination on your bed.

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