What-Is-It? Small Soaking Tub Edition

You are done with that busy shift in your workplace and you are ready to leave. In the way home, you imagined yourself sitting in a tub full of warm water, relaxing your tense muscle and enjoying life in overall. When you reached home, you then remembered that the bathroom of your flat is too small to fit a full sized bathtub. In the end, you stepped into the shower and washed yourself under the running water, promising yourself never again to think about soaking in a tub of warm water because you live a miserable life and will never be able to get yourself a bigger flat than this one.

Interesting Soaking Tub With Faucet Between Vanities also Wall Lamps

If you feel that you are living the kind of life described in the description above (except for the ‘miserable life’ part because I do believe your life is not miserable), you should not give in to the situation. Instead of brooding over spilled cheese and denying yourself a hot soak in the tube by installing a shower in the bathroom of your flat, you should go get yourself a small soaking tub and be done with it. With a small soaking tub installed in your bathroom, you shall never again long for that warm soak in the tub.

What is a small soaking tub?

If you still ask yourself what a small soaking tub is, then I will ask you ‘where have you been living all this time?’ because the answer is pretty obvious (unless you are not familiar with English, which I highly doubt because you are here, reading an article fully written in English). A small soaking tub is a soaking tub that is not as the same as your usual bathtub. To differentiate between what can be considered a small soaking tub and an ordinary bathtub, you can look at the dimension of the two tubs. While an ordinary bathtub was crafted in a way so that you can lie in it, a small soaking tub was designed to be used in a sitting position. In a sense, a bathtub is LONGER in shape while a small soaking tube is TALLER; hence, why it will took less space than an ordinary bathtub (think of a flat building. In contrast to a long house, a flat building will take less space).

Lavish Bathroom Design With Dark Cabinet also Small Soaking Tub

Where and why it was invented?

Although I cannot accurately pinpoint when or who invented a small soaking tub, I can say that the people of Japan first use this kind of tub. Unlike the westerners, who used bathtubs to take baths, Japanese people used this kind of tube to take ‘ritualistic’ baths. I do not know the reason, but everyone have their own quirks, right?

After a short description and a tiny bit of history on small soaking tub, are you interested in getting yourself one? If you are, then you can contact the nearest plumbing office to you. Switch that shower with a small soaking tub and go live the life of your dream.

Dainty Soaking Tub  With Best Lighting Fixture and Stainless Steel Faucet

Horrible Bathroom With Soaking Tub also Vanity Plus Mounted Shelve

Inspiring Showering Area Using Visible Glass Door and Soaking Tub

Lavish Floor Tile also Soaking Tub  Beside Window Plus Cabinet

Marvelous Design Of White Small Soaking Tub  Using Stainless Steel Faucet

Narrow Bathroom With Small Soaking Tub Beside Window and Table

Pleasing Cabinet With Marble Top also Small Soaking Tub Bathroom Decor

Small Showering Area Near Soaking Tub  plus Black Wooden Cabinet

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