What is Exactly Under Bed Storage Ideas?

Do you have a lot of stuff to keep but have no space to put them? It’s a common problem that happened when you have limited space of room to storage all of your private goodies. But no need to worry! Since long ago humanity already found the answer to resolve your dilemma, that’s called “under bed storage”.

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What is Under Bed Storage?

Under bed storage means that you have something like horizontal closet right under your bed. That way, people can keep a lot of stuff under their bed in order to save more space. The storage can be one pack with the bedstead or simply put several plastic or wood boxes under the bed to pack all the stuff.

Material Used to Create One

The material used to create under bed storage is can be either woods or plastic. Most of bedstead are made with those two materials, so it’s obvious that you can only find those two as choices.


There are several under bed storage ideas that you can use as reference. The first one the simplest one, that is to put several boxes to pack and keep all your goodies and then placed them under your bedstead. The second, which is your bedstead has several hidden drawers on the left and right side. You can pull in or out those drawers to put your stuff in it. The third one is pretty unique, which is you have a box-shaped bedstead that capable to lift up the bed and reveal some free space to put in some goodies in it. After finish packing your goods, you can put the bed down again to its original position.

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How to Clean the Storage

Now your storage problem has been solved, you still have one more to think about. That is how to clean up under bed storage. They might be looks instant and simple, but it can be quite difficult to keep them clean. You can use elastic feather duster or slim vacuum cleaner to slip in the small space and clean the dust off. Do the cleaning regularly at least twice in a week, because the part under your bed can get dusty easier when there are lots of stuff being storage in it. And as you all know, sleeping in unhealthy environment like that isn’t good for your lung health. So, keep your under bed storage keep clean and neat is truly important matter to consider.

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