What Desktop Computer Desk Do You Need?

Do you still use desktop computer or we often call it as PC with LCD or LED monitor or screen? If so, you must have a need to have fashionable and simple desktop computer desk in your house.

Horrible Desk Design For Desktop Computer Using Curve Top and Dark Legs

Once you decide your preferences, you can find as many ideas as you can find through internet. There are lots of ideas how to build or make a unique but functional desk for storing your desktop computer.

We will divide the ideas’ categories based on:

1. The total number of your desktop computer

Why does it matter? Because it will make you need larger desktop computer desk. The more you have the monitor. The larger space of the desk and the room you will need.

If you have only one monitor, you will have more chance to decorate the desk. And it means that the less space you need to spend in your house.

2. The theme of the room

There are many room themes you can use. For example the chic theme, you only need to decorate the room and the table with white color. The simplicity is the key of this theme.

The type of the desk can be modified also. You can make hang on desk, letter – L shape desk, or compact desktop computer desk.

Another Ideas

If you are tired with ordinary or common appearance of the desktop computer desk, you can try these ideas:

· Modified TV cabinet into desktop computer desk

This idea uses the unused TV cabinet as the desk for the desktop computer. The shelves and the drawers of the TV cabinet can be used as storages for your stuffs. The keyboard and other things such as mouse, mousepad, hub, wifi porter, etc can be put on the table.

· Long wooden flat table

Do you like country feel in your house? If you want to have fresher and nice spot to find creativity while looking outside at the view. Place the long wooden flat table faces up to the window. Then put your sets of desktop computer.

· Magazine theme desk

Want to have anti-mainstream ideas for your desk? You can make or repaint your desk with the pattern can copy the magazine pictures.

Minimalist Style Of Desk For Computer Using Brown Wooden Top Decor

How to manage the desk to make it for functional?

· Place the monitor in the center back.

· Put the keyboard in front of the monitor.

· Leave the left and right sides empty first.

· If you think all has well-set, now you can think what should be put on the left and the right.

· Usually the left side is for the files’ stacks and stationary.

· The right side is for the phone.

Modern Desk Design Idea For Desktop Computer With Four Storages

Stylish Desktop Computer Desk With Three Drawers also Wooden Top

Sumptuous Design Of Natural Wooden  Desktop Computer Desk With Drawers

Taking Desk Design For Desktop Computer Using Storage For CPU and Keyboard

Tantalizing Desktop Computer Desk With Brown Top also Book Shelve

Wonderful Style Of Computer Desk With Drawers also Keyboard and CPU Storage

Contemporary Style Of White Desktop Computer Desk With Some Storage

Delicate Desktop Computer Desk in Black Color With CPU STorage

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