Warm and Inviting Rustic Living Room Ideas

If you want your living room to have warmer and more inviting feeling, choosing rustic design is one of the best choice for you. The combination of natural elements makes rustic living room leaves you in peace while staying in it. Here you can explore some of the best rustic living room ideas for your home!

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Rustic Elements

1. Wood

Whether you design or remodel your living room, if you want it has rustic feeling, you must include wood in the plan. The basic idea is using the hardwood for the living room flooring. Besides, you can also choose unfinished wooden as the ceiling. The other choices of the use of wood depend on your creativity.

2. Stone

Natural stones are also the main elements in a rustic living room. You can always install it in at least one side of the living room wall. As the choice of the stones and the colors should go with the overall design of the living room.

3. Earthy tones

As rustic living room is identical to warm and cozy, then the color choices should be in the earthy tones ranges. It doesn’t have to be all neutral colors, adding maroon and green as the touch is also a wise choice.

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4. Fireplace

Fireplace should be the focal point of every rustic living room. Whether it is the modern rustic living room, it will only have a perfect rustic vibe if there is a fireplace in it.

5. Patterned fabric

Last but not least, putting some patterned fabrics in the sofa and table is the wise choice to bring up the warmness of cozy rustic living room.

Some Ideas

Now that we have the elements of rustic living room design, we’re going to move on the ideas of living room which using this design. One of the rustic living room ideas comes from High Time. The large living room is design in shades of two color choices: grey and chocolate. The only another color there comes from the green living room in the glass vase. The living room also uses big raw natural stones from the floor to ceiling for the fireplace. The ceiling was made of unfinished raw wooden where the stunning large pendant light hung onto. The pendant light becomes the main element here as its light shines, resulting in the mix of different furniture and textures, even when there are not many furniture pieces there.

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