Wall Painting Ideas: Interior Painting Tips for Your House

Wall painting ideas are really good to beautify your house even it is just a room in the house. It can even make the room becomes the most beautiful in the house since you made it yourself. Other than that, it can also be the best way to get rid of the paint-man cost. Well, in this article we have several tips you should know before start to paint the interior of your house. Check this out.

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Preparation stage

You should know that any kind of paints would not give their best shot on the dirty wall. So, you should clean all the wall surfaces with water and soap if necessary. After that you can leave them like a night before starting to paint on them.

If you paint your wall, you should cover the floor surface so the paint will not drop on the floor. But it is better if you are not using any kind of plastic because it can be very slippery. Sheets or cloths are highly recommended.

The color mixer in the paint ship is really doing the job so well. But, the result could be different from one and another. If you need the wall painting ideas with the same color, so it is better to mix all the paint together and then you start painting. It makes the color stays consistent in the room.

How to save the time?

If you need to use tape, we recommend you to use edger instead because it will save your time immediately. You can choose the edger with good quality in pretty cheap prices. Rather than use the time to tape every corner of the room, you better use the edger anyway.

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If you need to brush the corner area, you can use the angled-sash brush with 2-inch size. How to use it is pretty simple, just like you use the pencil and then you can paint the line.

Wrapping the rollers and put it in refrigerator can help you clean them first, especially if you need time to break. Using plastics is highly recommended too.

Well, if there is hole in the rim of paint can, you can use hammer and nail instead. It makes the paint dripping inside the bucket after you done pouring it out. Actually there are so many things you can do to make the better and more effective wall paint ideas after all.

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