Wall Mounted Shelf: The Types and Simple Ideas

Having shelves to solve our storing problems is great. The book and novel collections, knick knacks, frames of pictures, vases of flowers, and other things can be displayed so beautifully on and in the shelves. One kind of shelf that helps a lot in a small room which usually gives headache to the owners is wall mounted shelf. This kind of shelf that will add beauty to the décor of the room is available in different materials, sizes, styles, and types. The choice is yours. Here take a look at the types of the wall mounted shelves that you can choose:

Alluring Design Of Wooden Mounted Shelf On Wall For Accessories

Types of wall mounted shelves:

· Standard wall mounted shelf. This type of shelf has visible brackets to support it to the wall.

· Floating wall mounted shelf is the opposite of the standard one. The brackets are hidden and the safety when it is installed is number one especially if it is to store heavy materials since they may be not as strong as the standard one.

· Wall mounted corner shelf. This kind of shelf is installed in the corner of walls and has to feature a ninety-degree angle to fit itself to the wall corners.

The size of the mounted shelves you want should fit well to the rooms where they are installed. The bigger they are the more things they can accommodate things. Here take a look at the ideas below if you want to have ones:

· Have some planks with your desired size, and then do this and that to make them seamless. Cover them with a certain materials like fancy and colorful paper and then seal them with strong plastic. Attach the planks on to the wall that you have marked before so you won’t have unsymmetrical planks with high quality of brackets. Now you have mounted shelves installed on the wall in a vertical or horizontal row that beautify your rooms.

· Have some planks with seamless surfaces in different sizes three short and three longer planks, and attach the longer ones vertically on the wall with high quality of brackets. From the second to the third plank, give wider space. Next, attach the two short planks between longer planks number two and number three. Support each other with good brackets on the left and right sides, and the last two brackets will attach on the third longer plank. The last short plank should be attached to the wall under the longer plank number three. This kind of shelf is available for studying and working if we complete it with a working chair.

Attractive Room Design Ideas Using Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf and Photo Display

· Another idea is having glass shelves in your bathroom. With brackets installed upside down to support the shelves, the shelves look so unique. Locate cosmetics, brushes, soaps, lotions, etc. on each glass shelf and the bathroom will look interesting with these shelves.

Don’t you think it is interesting to have those kinds of shelves in every room of your house? Another thing you have to know is how to help fasten shelves even stronger. Use anchors and bolts to help hold up the shelves stronger. It is hoped that the article about wall mounted shelf can broaden your knowledge. Good Luck!

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