Wall Mounted Bookshelves Made from Recycled Things

Installing wall mounted bookshelves is the key to a small room. They can amazingly save space so we don’t have to see a stuffy room with cases and shelves for this and that. They are also very flexible to hang anywhere on the walls and can add aesthetic value to a room since they can be hung above a sofa, a bed, and other pieces of furniture beautifully. When it comes to storing, wall mounted bookshelves are better than ordinary bookshelves. They are able to hold more books since you can have more than one set of wall mounted bookshelves to hang on the walls, or the installation of them can be extended to almost touch the ceiling.

Amazing Sitting Room Interior with Stylish White Oak Wall Mounted Bookshelves on Clean Painted Wall

Wall mounted bookshelves can be low, medium, and high, they also can be integrated with drawers, cabinets, and even a small table for reading or working with computer or laptop. You also can actually hang your ordinary bookshelves on the walls. Of course, you have to be careful about how to hang them on. You have to make sure that the nails used are strong enough to attach them to the walls. The best if you can hang on the shelves on the stud of the wall. There are many things to do to have bookshelves hanging on the walls. Many recycled things available in your house can be used to form a set of bookshelves that are hung on your walls. Take a look at the ideas below.

Ideas to have Wall mounted bookshelves made from used or recycled things:

1. Wall mounted bookshelves can be made from recycled wood covered with different prints of wallpaper. The shelves can be low, medium, and high. Meaning, the shelves can be only two or more. The shelves can be attached in the corners between two walls, and can be on the wall next to the door, etc.

2. Wall mounted bookshelves can be made from a recycled wood ladder that is attached on the wall horizontally. We also can divide the ladder to be able to attach it in the corner of two walls. It is also fine to attach the ladder vertically as long as it is easy for you to reach the book you want.

3. Wall mounted bookshelves can be made from used crates that are smoothed with a sandpaper first to have safe shelves. Those crates then are attached on the wall with the position that you like. They can be in a row horizontally and vertically, and can be put to create forms.

Tidy Wall Mounted Bookshelves with Colorful Books inside Appealing Living Room using White Wall

4. Wall mounted bookshelves can be made from unused blocks that are painted with your favorite color that is of the same tone of the wall where the bookshelves will be attached on. How to attach and other necessary things needed for the process of attaching can be found in internet.

5. Wall mounted bookshelves can be made from an old table with four legs that is divided by some parts. The parts with legs can be stacked together to form wall mounted bookshelves. The other parts can be used for the edges of the bookshelves.

You see that it takes only your imagination and creativity to build your own bookshelves to hang on the wall with materials available free in your house. It is hoped that the article about wall mounted bookshelves can get you inspired to build one for you.

Black Wall Mounted Bookshelves Placed on White Painted Wall for Minimalist Sitting Room

Complete Old Fashioned Room with Rustic Wooden Wall Mounted Bookshelves on Grey Painted Wall

Innovative Wall Mounted Bookshelves in White Color with CD Shelf on Grey Painted Wall

Minimalist Wall Mounted Bookshelves with Three Sizes on White Painted Wall in Comfy Room

Place Various Books inside White Wall Mounted Bookshelves on Grey Painted Wall and Hardwood Flooring

Round Shaped Black Wall Mounted Bookshelves Completed with Various Books on White Wall

Simple Design for Wall Mounted Bookshelves with Solid Teak Material on White Flooring

Use Brilliant Wall Mounted Bookshelves inside Wide Sitting Room with White Painted Wall and Concrete Flooring

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