Wall Hook Rack: Mom’s Solution For The House

Hi moms, as we as the personal fashion designer for our own house, so we need more ideas to manage the stuffs, don’t we?

Do you know the fact that actually small things in our house are more than the big furniture? It means that we need more solutions to storage those small things.

Amazing Design Of Wall Hook above Wooden Table For Hat and Bag

For example, for the accessories for us and our daughters. The necklaces, bracelets, rings, belts, etc. They need their own storage. Where do you think the right places to keep them all?

If you think you will make or buy boxes to manage them all, it is a great idea. However, we do not have much space to store the boxes. And it only makes the house looks like a warehouse.

Space of the Wall

Do you have think that the wall can be the best solution to store the small things in your house? Mention small things or things that can be hung on the wall? Brooms, bags, ropes, necklaces, hats, keys, clothes, mirrors, etc.

They can easily be hung, right? However, we have things that can be hung on directly. So what is the solution?

The Solution

We can use the wall hook rack. Why does it have to be this one type?

Firstly, it is because by using the wall hook rack, we can save more space on the floor and we can make the wall more decoratively.

Secondly, it is because with the existence of the wall hook rack, you can have various kinds of modification of the shelves or rack.

The Models

1. As the foundation of the shelf

2. as the hanger for the necklaces, bracelets and earrings

3. for the jackets, aprons or cloth

4. for the kitchen utensils

5. for bags or hats

6. for the plant pots

7. for the shoes

Magnificent Wall Hook For Saving Accessories of Necklace also Jewelry

You can use each of them by arranging the interval from one point of wall hook rack to another wall hook rack. The closer the distance, the more things you can keep organized.

Wall hook rack is such a help for those who like decorate the wall in the house. And it is a help for those who have small house with limited space.

You can modify as soon as possible by only pinch out the wall hook rack, move it and place wherever you want. So, have wonderful decorating house time, Moms.

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