Wall Decor Idea for Blank Wall

Wall décor idea is really necessary for a room, since a room can be very empty without the accent in the wall. The wall décor should not in the shape of wall art such as photograph, painting, and something like that. Other than that, a windowless yet blank wall can be the opportunity for you because it is a very nice canvas for creative ideas. We have several ideas that you can try to make the large blank space in the wall looks special and more beautiful.

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Bright Venetian plaster

Displaying photographs by hanging them on the wall can be normal. But what if your wall is just plastered with bright Venetian? Actually it should be matching with the main theme of your house for sure. Or if you do not like the bright plaster, you can paint the wall with shocking pink and hang some medium photograph on the wall. It will be a very nice focal point for sure.

Iconic patterned wallpaper

Blank wall is like a blank canvas that can be painted with whatever it is. You can make it as your opportunity to put iconic patterned wallpaper as the wall décor idea. Wallpaper is available in many pattern and textures. Other than that, pattern and texture are just a few of benefits presented by wallpaper. So, if you are stuck with the idea of decorating the wall, you can wrap one or two sides of the wall with patterned or textured wallpaper.

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Rustic wooden plank

Woods are available in many kinds. The kinds of the wood will allow you to choose one of them to decorate your room. If you like the idea of rustic or contemporary, you can mix your modern living room with wooden plan for the wall. The rough impression of unfinished wooden planks will add warm rustic atmosphere in the room. Then you can hang your favorite large painting on the wall.

Oversized photograph

Photograph or painting can be an interesting decoration idea for the wall. And it can be much more interesting if you make an oversized photograph for the wall decoration idea in the bedroom. It can be customized according to your taste and the room. Some rooms in apartment apply this kind of photograph and it appears very unique but does not ruin the room impression after all. Well, whatever you choose for your wall decoration, the wall décor idea should complement the room itself.

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