Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas

There are basically lots of ways you can try to make your own vintage kitchen. Before going any further, can you tell yourselves about what ‘vintage’ is? For your information, vintage is different from retro or antique. The three mostly-related words refer to different situations. Vintage itself is about the common things produced in particular era, such as in 1950s or 1960s. This clue can give you some kind of help of how to find vintage kits that would be used to complement your vintage kitchen design ideas.

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Start with Kitchen Utensils

For the simplest way of bringing vintage to your kitchen is by putting vintage-styled kitchen utensils on display. For instance, if you are given piles of authentic and vintage bowls and plates by your mother from her youth, you can arrange them in open shelves or glass-door shelves. Some glass jugs coming from 1950s can also be perfect ornaments as well as kitchen utensil to be put on the countertop. So basically even small elements gathered in such a beautiful arrangement can help you make your own vintage kitchen.

Vintage Island

Another kitchen’s element that you can present in a vintage look is island. Vintage islands come in various shapes, designs and materials. For instance, you can turn a mill table that is still in shape and strong into your kitchen’s island painted all white and accompanied with wooden short-legged stools. Even an old simple wooden shelf can work as an island for small kitchens to ease the workflow. Or, you can also bring in a shabby cart to replace the bulky island that is usually placed in larger kitchens.

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Vintage Stools or Chairs

To complete these vintage kitchen design ideas, as well as the island, you would have to get a set of vintage barstools or chairs. This element is quite essential in any kitchen, so whenever you want to put some vintage touches to your kitchen, bringing in vintage chairs or stools can be quite helpful. The first reference is a set of worn chairs made of wicker of which color matches with the white island. If you love stools more than anything in this world, then simple dark-stained wooden stools with short legs are kind of a good idea. Even some modern barstools can also be matched with your vintage island, but mind coating them with bright colors.

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