Various Ideas of Wall Mounted Lamps

When talking about designing or decorating a room to make it look nice and elegant, of course, there will be a lot of ways you can to do. In making the design of a room to make it look much more attractive and elegant can be done in several ways, such as rearranging the room, adding some furniture or add some decoration in the room. And one easy way to make the home interior design becomes interesting is to apply the decorative lighting interior wall.

Luxurious Bedroom With Wall Lamp Using Drum Shade and Chrome Leg

Just as the name implies, decorative lights this one is in place on the wall, which is attached to the wall. Just as the lights in general, decorative lighting has a function as lighting. But in addition to its function as lighting, decorative lighting also serves as decoration to beautify the interior of your home. In its implementation, decorative lights can be put on the walls around your living room, your living room or in your bedroom. This is what we call wall mounted lamps.

Aside from being a decoration, wall mounted lamps can also be sleeper light because its light is not too bright. So the wall mounted lamp has multifunctional, and for those of you who want to apply this decorative lights in your house, it’s good for you to know a variety of shapes and designs. The design of the lamps themselves have various and many kinds.


For the interior, there is a wide range of wall mounted lamp concept that you can choose. For a minimalist theme, you can choose a wall mounted lamp shaped or rectangular box and stick to the wall. This lamp is simple and does not take up much space. For the oriental style, there is a light model to use bamboo as a cover or a skeleton, but some also have a simple model with a frame made of wood painted black. They are set vertically and will look perfect to combine with indoor plantation in pot.

Neat Room Design With Book Shelve also Modular Wall Lamp


Wall mounted lamp installed as interior decoration of your home can be placed in the garden or on the walls of the house facade. Facade wall lamp made of metal has many models of classical or modern. For classical models, lamps with carvings or medieval style look very beautiful especially when customized with your outdoor house paint. For garden lights, can be mounted on a wall or fence, and you can choose the model that can withstand storms or rainfall.

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