Unique Home Decorating Ideas

By | April 15, 2022

Unique home designs are going to make any kind of objects blend into your home. It will create new atmosphere as well as new look in your house. But of course it needs effort and courage to put new stuff inside your home. Well, in this article we are going to reveal the decorating ideas for house with unique shades. Check this out.

Delightful Patio With Chic Roof Top For Unique HOme Designs

An artsy bed

Small bedroom will always fit even though there is super big bed in it. But just make sure that the bed is applying the airy and open concept so the space will not feel too claustrophobic. The main rule is making sure that the top part of the bed is six inches or more from the ceiling. This unique idea will blend really goodly with dark blue vintage wallpaper. But if you like to highlight the bed’s lines, you can put white as the wall color. Other than that, you can get the gorgeous effect in the room.

Playing with scale

Oversize objects are good for unique home designs. You can put things or accessories you like in your house. In order to make it unique, you can play with the size, scale, and also the object itself. For example, you can put a little figure of polar bear near a pot of medium plants. Then, you can put a globe not far from them. Besides it gives unique look, in other hands your room looks so antique.

Graceful Brick Stone Wall For Three Storey House Decor Idea

Put a stately chair

You need a focal point in a room and a focal point can be whatever it is. In this case you can put a chair and make it as the first object you can see while you enter a room. In order to make it reasonable, you better put the other companion for the seat. Simple space is a good place to put this kind or unique arrangement. But you should make sure that the color palette is match between the chair and the room.

A quirky statue

Statue completes your room, especially if the room is supposed for public. It also shows that you are an art lover. So, in order to complete one of the unique home designs, you can put a statue with anatomical sense such as a human foot. It can also be the focal point in the room. Do not forget to put the statue in the conspicuous point so you can see the object right after you enter a room.

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