Unique Chair Rail Ideas to Perfect Home Interior Design

Whenever you want to give unique touch in your home, you can consider applying chair rail in your home. It can create beautiful look in every room in your home. And if you are interested in applying chair rail, you have to know about chair rail ideas. Read the information below to know more about chair rail ideas.

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What is Chair Rail?

Chair rail is mid-wall molding which has function to protect wall from chair damage. But, actually there are so many benefits of it. Not only use to protect the wall, it can be uses for giving unique and beautiful look in the room. Chair rail can be pattern molding or colorful molding. It depends on your need. You can also fit it with your room interior design. No matter the style of your home interior design, you can still apply chair rail to create unique touch in your home.

One thing should be considered when you want to apply chair rail is, try to know the height of chair in your home. The chair rail should be higher than chair in your home so it can protect your wall. By doing easy steps, you can apply chair rail in your home. First, you need to determine measurement and mark the level line. Then, mark and cut the molding. After that, attach the molding to the wall. Last, smooth the surface and apply paint.

Unique Chair Rail Ideas

There are so many chair rail ideas you can use for your home. But, remember that you have to be smart when selecting the type of chair rail. Here are some ideas of chair rail:

· Minimalist Chair Rail

It is simple chair rail. You just need to apply the molding on the wall, and then apply moldings which have square shape on the chair rail. Use similar paint to paint the chair rail. So, it will make the room looks more elegant.

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· Decorative Chair Rail

It is really useful chair rail. After applying the molding, you can cover the chair rail by wood. So, it can create extra protection for your wall.

· Colorful Chair Rail

The use of colorful paint will also make your home more attractive. So, use colorful chair rail in your home, then your home will look more interesting than before.

Well, those are some information for you about chair rail ideas. You can use the ideas above to get perfect chair rail for your home.

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