U Shaped House Plans With Pool

By | February 24, 2022

U Shaped House Plans With Pool – U-shaped house design is not uncommon in European, Spanish and Mediterranean style houses. It occasionally appeared in 1990s ranch homes, but in general the design is not common in single-family architecture. That’s about to change as architects, builders, homeowners and prospective buyers are now taking a second look at the U-shaped house plan. Additionally, most urban areas that lack space and privacy find the U-shape attractive.

The U-shape takes the traditional rectangular house and gives it an attractive twist by adding a central courtyard, garden, pool or landscape element. Accessible from different points of the house, the innovative feature transforms into a large outdoor space for the family. . . the perfect oasis and retreat, especially in these trying times of the pandemic.

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

Let’s take a look at this interesting home design, its key features and benefits, and the elements that add to its charm and character.

L Seminyak Villa 2 Rooms

Above: A classic two-story Mediterranean-Tuscan style home with a stunning outdoor courtyard with pool. Below: The foyer and den are open to outdoor recreation, while the second-floor study (not shown) overlooks the courtyard. The pool, not shown on the floor plan, is located beyond the two verandas and the breakfast room (all visible in the top photo). The 7,700-square-foot floor plan has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and two powder rooms. rooms (Plan #195-1243).

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

The classic U-shaped house style, which looks more like an “H” from a distance, wraps around three sides of a fence or yard to create a sheltered area, garden or landscape feature. A U-shaped house with a rear view usually includes a pool in the backyard.

In this design—as in courtyard house plans—the courtyard divides the home into living/social and sleeping wings. However, all rooms are usually strategically placed and equipped with large windows and glass doors for a full view and easy access to the outside space.

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

House Floor Plans 50 400 Sqm Designed By Me

Overall, the emphasis of the U-shape in the house is the flow of the house, the smooth connection between indoor and outdoor areas and the spatial relationships between rooms.

The courtyard of this two-story Mediterranean-style house is truly a sight to behold. There is beautiful landscaping, a pool, and large stone columns anchoring the second floor deck. The gorgeous home features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a powder room, family room, media room and main level laundry (Plan #195-1173).

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

This outdoor living area recalls structures found in Spanish-Mexican haciendas, as well as atriums and courtyards in California homes designed and built by Joseph Eichler and Cliff Mays. Sometimes the yard has low garden walls for privacy. Patios can be in front of the house in a side yard or even as an entrance to the garage.

Spanish Style House Plans

Palm trees are part of the entrance to the attractive backyard of this one-story, 4,817-square-foot Florida-style home. With 10-foot ceilings, this gorgeous residence features a pool, home office, library, mudroom and other amenities (Plan #175-1131).

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

A small garden and a landscape element such as a fountain or a gazebo are features in the backyard of the houses. Even a modest-sized yard can accommodate these improvements.

A stunning fountain is the focal point in the landscaped garden of this stunning four-bedroom European-style house plan with French influences. The one-story home features an open floor plan, four bedrooms, a home theater, mudroom, butlers and walk-in closets, pool, covered lanai and back patio (Plan #193-1048).

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

Barndominium House Plan

If the yard is the focal point of a U-shaped home – whether it’s in the front or back of the house – the pool is often the centerpiece of the backyard. Today, a pool is a must or wish list for some prospective homeowners.

The focal point of this charming colonial-style home’s backyard, this gorgeous pool is accessible from the Great Room and other living areas of the home. Four to five bedrooms, five bathrooms, family room, home office, mudroom, den, kitchen, walk-in pantry and outdoor kitchen (Plan #204-1020).

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

Large windows or glass walls, or even skylights, allow plenty of natural light into the home and an unobstructed view of the outdoors. These windows and glass walls allow easy access to the private outdoor space.

Floor Plan Friday: U Shaped 5 Bedroom Family Home

Take a look at the glass doors and large windows on either side of the Great Room of this stunning one-story, three-bedroom, 3.5-bath Mid-Century Modern home. With a 22-foot wide patio door to a covered rear area and a 12-foot door to a screened-in front patio, the residence allows abundant natural light to filter through all areas (Plan #202-1022).

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

Long hallways and corridors connect the main rooms and different areas of the house. The main rooms and living areas are usually located near the courtyard and have direct access to the space.

Traditionally, the U-shape itself extends only from the exterior wall to the front or back yard—about the length of one room. It is ideal for cross ventilation from one side of the house to the other.

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

An L Shaped Kitchen Island Is A Creative Way To Include Seating And A Table

Stop and take a second look. This beautifully landscaped courtyard of this elegant European style home is a great factor that adds to its appeal. The one-story home has 6,554 square feet of living space, four bedrooms, four full bathrooms and two half baths (Plan #193-1048).

See how French doors open to the backyard of a well-designed two-story Mediterranean-style home. Open the doors wide and you’ll have a seamless connection between the interior of the home and its impressive outdoor area. The 7,700-square-foot residence has four bedrooms, five full bathrooms, two powder rooms, two bars, a kitchen pantry, an elevator, a computer technology room, a game room and two balconies (Plan #195-1243).

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the kitchen and other rooms of this stunning 1.5-story colonial-style home provide plenty of natural light throughout the residence. The gorgeous home features 4,443 square feet of fully air-conditioned living space on the main and upper levels and features four to five bedrooms and five full bathrooms (Plan #204-1020).

East Sonoma Estate

The courtyard of the two-story Mediterranean-Tuscan style home has private nooks perfect for reading, relaxing, and meditating. Keep your eyes peeled for a secluded corner with lounge chairs to the right of the pool. The home has five bedrooms, five bathrooms and two powder rooms (Plan #195-1243).

U Shaped House Plans With Pool

If you want to limit all the bells and whistles of simple yet elegant living, you should seriously consider aU shaped home styles. I am addicted to blogging and the digital world and have been writing here since 2006. I am a single mother of 3 grown boys whom I love very much. I will be a grandmother too!

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U Shaped House Plans With Pool

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U Shaped House Plans With Pool

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U Shaped House Plans With Pool

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U Shaped House Plans With Pool

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U Shaped House Plans With Pool

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