Try These 3 Brilliant Kids Bathroom Ideas

Though it would not have you get the rarest furniture around the world, designing a bathroom for your kids could be a distinctly different business. Similar to their bedrooms or play rooms, kids’ bathroom may requires cute images to be put on. You can find several of the kids’ bathroom ideas hereafter.

There are going to be some color inspirations, in addition to some designs you might be interested in.

Ocean Themed Kids Bathroom Idea with White Furniture and Star Fish Decoratioin

Doodled Walls

To make fun of the small space for your kids to brush their teeth and take a shower, the walls should be designed extraordinarily. Most would point their finger to pastel colors to coat their kids’ bathroom walls, but genius parents will certainly go for an idea of filling the walls with doodles. You might hesitate about starting this idea because of the work that deals with details. But when it is done, you are all smile of satisfaction.

The black and white doodled walls are contrasted with tall dark blue shelves to place baskets and towels. To void ruining the doodled walls, consider hanging a frameless mirror over the white regular sink.

‘Dorm’ Bathroom

Some of you might not only have two or three kids, but more than it, which means that you would need to install a longer vanity, a wider mirror and even more shower chambers. This could be the most perfect solution for parents with multiple kids. In order to avoid any arguments from the kids about who should take a shower first, second and so on, make one for each of them, but still in one room.

Simple Kids Bathroom Ideas with Subway Tile Wall and Classic Sink with Lighting above

So, you can probably imagine why it is called ‘dorm’ bathroom. To complete the function of the room, do not forget to put an open shelf to place your kids’ towels based on particular arrangement. So basically, everyone would get one for their own here.

Simple and Elegant

Kids’ bathroom ideas do not always mean that you need to design a cute space for your little kids. Even a spacious modern bathroom painted all white is a pretty good option. The vanity, walls, mirror, bathtub and flooring are all in modern and simple look. Yet, to make it cheerful, a colorful striped shower curtain is hung over the bathtub.

A matched rug is also put on the floor to intensify the cheerful element. Parents can play some kids’ bathroom ideas by adding cute toys on the sink or colorful towels.

Stunning White and Blue Kids Bathroom Interior Ideas with Surprising Purple and Green Sinks

Interesting Wall Paneling Painted in White Combined with Blue and White Furnishing for Kids Bathroom

Playful Kids Bathroom Ideas with Colorful Rectilinear Wall Decoration and Well Painted Shelves

Small Kids Bathroom Ideas with White Floating Vanity Separated from Toilet

Cute Kids Bathroom Ideas with Fun Wall Mural and Stylish Furniture

Chic Green Kids Bathroom Idea with White Furnishing and Wooden Flooring

Appealing Patterned Tile and Wooden Flooring Representing the Area of Kids Bathroom and Bedroom

Plain White Kids Bathroom Idea with Floral Touches of Real Tree and Floral Pictures

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