Top Tips on Choosing the Shower Tiles for Your Bathroom

By | December 21, 2021

Subway tile bathroom is just a kind of many tile kinds available in the market. Since bathroom is a place that should be well considered, you also need good consideration when it comes to choosing the tiles for shower area. Moreover, certain type of shower will also determine what kind of tile that should be installed in the shower area. Well, in this article we have several things you should consider before choosing tile for shower area. This is pretty essential though. Check this out.

Vintage Subway Tile Bathroom Flooring Used inside Unique Room with Pedestal Sink and White Bathtub

Smaller tiles for curvy spot

Curvy bench for shower area is good for design purpose. It also gives good ambience in the bathroom. But you cannot use the same tile for this area in order to maintain the look of this spot. Well, smaller size of the bathroom tiles will handle this point much better than the big tiles. The angle of organic bench curve will be well maintained as well.

Think about the feeling when you touch them

Subway tile bathroom will be suitable to be installed on the wall, not on the bench. So, when it comes to the bench for the showering area, you need to think about how your skin will feel if it touches the surface of the bench. It is highly recommended to install slab for the bench or tiles that give the bullnose in order to make your legs and back feel comfortable when showering on it.

Be careful with mosaic tiles

Well, mosaic tiles are actually great option for the bathroom but there are things that need to be considered for sure. But actually there is thing you should know. You have to connect all the mosaic tiles to the wall because trusting the glue is not the best idea for this project, especially if the tile is installed in the wet area.

Add Grey Subway Tile Bathroom Wall for Stunning Room with White Bathtub and Grey Vanity

Small colored glass is more preferably

We cannot deny that glass gives wonderful impact for a room and it is applied for the shower area. As you can see that some kind of glass tiles will show you the moisture trapped in the back of the tiles. This condition also leads to bad look on the shower area in your bathroom. So, if you want to have the glass tiles in shower area, it is better to choose the small size because it works really well than the bigger glass tiles.

In order to beautify the shower wall, you can install subway tile bathroom.

Classic Black Drum Shaded Chandelier above White Bathtub and White Subway Tile Bathroom Wall

Complete Traditional Bathroom using Subway Tile Bathroom Wall and Glass Shower Space near White Vanity

Fill Small Room with White Pedestal Sink and Bathtub on Interesting Subway Tile Bathroom Flooring

Industrial Themed Bathroom with White Sink and Glossy Towel Handles on White Subway Tile Bathroom Wall

Install Small Chandelier above Subway Tile Bathroom Flooring in Rustic Bathroom with Wooden Vanities

Use Classic Subway Tile Bathroom Wall to Decorate Small Area with White Vanity and Elegant Sink Faucets

White Sink and Wooden Vanity Used inside Small Bathroom with Clean White Subway Tile Bathroom

Wide Glass Shower Room and Grey Tufted Bench Placed near Marble Subway Tile Bathroom Wall

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