Top 4 Best Kitchen Flooring Options

Like for the rest of the house rooms, there are actually abundant kitchen flooring options that we can try and explore. However, based on many users’ experience, each material serves differently. Your choice should be adjusted to your routine in the kitchen and how do you prefer it to be, considering your capability in treatment. The following options are on top of the list at this point, and they are on trend for some reasons. Check out the whole details below.

Awesome Tile Design Kitchen Flooring Options with Dark Color Accent under Best Skylight

Cork Flooring

This option is the best option when you want something that is slip resistance, softer than hardwood or other tiles, and eco friendly. Being compressible and waterproof, this makes an option comfort as well as moisture resistant. It costs around $2-$6 per square feet, and you need to layer it with polyurethane or wax finish. Organic or water based layer finish is recommended for kitchen use. The layering should be done again in every three to four years.

Porcelain Tiles

It makes your perfect option when you want kitchen floor that is tough while it also has stone look and requires only low maintenance. This kind of flooring is even recommended for outdoor use for its strength. The glazed one offers glass coating which is available in many colors and even stone look. This tile should costs you from $1-$20 per square feet, depending on the type of the tiles.

Vinyl Flooring

This is maybe the most popular and most used option. Vinyl offers easy maintenance while it also remains stain-proof and waterproof. It is also available on many patterns and colors to match your preference. In addition to it, it requires only sweeping and mopping as maintenance and treatment. If you have clumsy hands in the house, this is your perfect floor. It costs around $1-$5 per square feet. Yes, it is also the cheapest option among all.

Attractive Streaky Motive for Kitchen Flooring Options with Parquet Element plus Dark Color

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is your buddy when it comes to long-lasting floor, possibility of open floor plan, durability, and low maintenance. In addition to it, it is also a moisture resistant option in pre-finished version. Beside its highly elegant look and warm color, engineered one is recommended for kitchen for being resistant to temperature and humidity. It costs around $3-$12 per square feet. In addition to all, it adds the value of your property.
As you can see, you have multiple possible options. Which one is best among the entire kitchen flooring options? Well, it depends on you.

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