Toddler Bunk Beds safety Guide

When you have twins, need more bed for your toddler, and then buying toddler bunk beds is good alternative. However, as your toddler is active, curious and need attention more, you might need consider choose right bunk beds that guarantee and safety for your toddler.

Appealing Blue Toddler Bunk Beds with White Shelves and Interesting Stairs inside Wide Bedroom

Safety guide for toddler bunk bed

Bunk bed is dream for every kid. It is fun design and funky where it comes into a lot of designs and colors and most important way, it cooler to sleep in bunk bed rather than regular bed. The benefit, it also can give great space save especially for those who have limited space for bedroom. In addition, buying bunk bed is means it is cheaper rather than buy single beds for each kid you have in the home. However, there are downsides, there are about 400 children that hospitalized because injuries related with bunk bed. The common, it comes with design improperly, or it not added with safety elements. Here are the safety elements that you need to know before you buy the bunk bed.

Check the guard rails and ladders safety. Check whether the guard rail and ladders are fixed all fours sides from the upper bunk bed. Never thinking that wall can be act as well guard rail. Your toddler can be trapped in between wall and bed. Ensure that your bunk bed ladder is friendly as your kid seems often happy to climb up and down without adult supervision.

The importance your bunk bed position. Take consideration when you determine bunk bed for your toddlers. Positioned your bunk bed clear off from ceiling fans, lights, heaters, windows and many other electronic device as it can danger your toddler.

Complete Wonderful Bedroom with Fascinating Toddler Bunk Beds and Blue Curtain above Laminate Oak Flooring

The bunk bed design should be fixed and suited with your toddler reach. Remember that your toddler has their height and your bunk bed option should consider this. Make sure that you buy the bunk bed that suit with your toddler age.

Besides that, you as parent also need to consider the rule for your toddler when they get their bunk bed. Set boundaries for your toddler about what they can do and what they are not can do in bunk bed. For example, do not play in bunk bed is simple rule that you can applied. Give them knowledge that bunk bed is for sleep not for playing. And with this rule, your toddler can feel safety when they are beyond in toddler bunk beds.

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