Tips to Remodel Small Bathroom

When you are going to remodel small bathroom, you need much planning to make sure that you can wisely use you budget for the project. You have to choose the right theme and bathroom fixtures so that it can fit the small space inside your bathroom. Add some accessories that can improve the look of the bathroom while making the space look and feel nice.

Bright Lihting Fixture also Spacious Shower Area For Remodel Small Bathroom

Smaller Things for the Small Bathroom

In a small bathroom with limited space, you certainly should choose furniture and accessories in the smaller scale too. If you choose bathroom items in larger scale, you will feel the bathroom increasingly tight and full. Moreover, the corners of the small bathroom are full of windowsills, overstuffed sinks, large containers or laundry hampers, and many more. It will be much better and right to choose the items in smaller sizes, so you will have more space to apply other things, to extend the shower area, or to do a tub replacement.

It is also good to choose washbasin and toilet in smaller and flatter size. You can find such compact bathroom fixtures easily in most home improvement stores today. They are commonly designed in newer models and perfectly designed for small home or apartment. The small bathroom fixtures will fir the narrow spaces and will use every single inch of the small bathroom.

Replace the Tub and Have a Shower

If you replace the tub and only have a shower area for the small bathroom, you will see how much the space will feel larger. With the larger available space inside the bathroom, you can apply additional furniture that is functional as storage. Open the shower curtain when you don’t use the area so that you can show the space behind it and get the bigger sense. Alternatively, apply a transparent glass sliding door for the shower area.

Fantastic Interior Small Bathroom With Nice Wall Tile and Modern Vanity

Install a Large Mirror

A large mirror will reflect the room and make a sense of doubled size. Choose a vanity with large mirror or install one more mirror on the opposite wall. Otherwise, you can also install track lights on the mirror’s top to get larger reflection. Add some candles or dimmer that can bring peaceful bathing atmosphere.

Paint into Lighter Colors

Applying light colors will help creating larger space inside the small bathroom. You can repaint the walls or retile the floor in light colors. To avoid monotonous look, add color splashes, paint a colored border, or applying contrasting colored tiles while you remodel small bathroom. Add some plants and candles to add more decorative touches whilst improving the atmosphere.

Angelic Wall Art Decor also Fabric Curtain For Small Bathroom Design

Beckoning Interior Small Bathroom With Simple Vanity Style Beside Toilet

Delicate Vanity also Towel Hook Plus Toilet For Decorating Small Bathroom

Fantastic Remodel Small Bathroom Idea With Soaking Bathtub Between Wooden Cabinet

Hunky Concept Of Small Bathroom With Toilet also Wooden Cabinet and Mirror

Interesting Interior Small Bathroom With Open Shower Area also Neat Vanity

Opulent Interior Remodel Small Bathroom With White Wall Ceramic Tile

Ravishing Ceramic Wall Tile also Simple Toilet For Remodel Small Bathroom

Superb Remodel Small Bathroom Ideas With Visible Shower Area Beside Toilet

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