Tips to Make Beautiful Small Bathroom Vanity

By | December 19, 2021

Have an experience when your space in the bathroom can’t be negotiated anymore? It must be the moment when you think your bathroom’s space is running out. If so, the right type of vanity will help you out.

The vanity will not only help to make the sink, cabinet, and mirror go unitedly beautiful but also it will make larger space in the limited area.

Add Wall Mirror above White Sink and Small Bathroom Vanity near White Sheer Curtain

So here are the tips to make beautiful small bathroom vanity:

1. Corner Spot

When you enter your bathroom, the corner right usually will be used for the shower and the toilet. So, how the left corners are maximized? The solution is by placing a vanity that has multifunction divisions. The countertop is definitely for the basin or sink, the middle part is for two doors closed cabinet, and the bottom part is open shelf for putting clean towels. And the toilet can be side of the vanity to keep the room lasts bigger.

2. Clearer Storage

To use every single space to be useful is a must for a small bathroom owner. However, there are many people who do not think to buy vanity at first. They usually buy the sink with long legs. So how can we maximized it? Put a steel below the sink. It has function to hang the small towel there. And the rest space of the legs can be put an open storage with bamboo basket. The basket can keep the other clean towels there.

3. Mirror Everywhere

It is not common to have all transparent vanity. So to make functional vanity yet has function to make bigger impression of the space, you can use vanity that has glass door. By having the mirror, you will have lighter bathroom from the bounce light of the light splashed to the mirror.

Clear Wall Mirrors above Wide Sink and Small Floating Bathroom Vanity on Brown Flowery Wallpaper

4. White Splash

People all know that white color of the paint can make room felt bigger. However it does not mean that your bathroom can’t have another color. The other colors can be there for additional parts. For example, the list of the mirror. You can have brown or other color too.

5. Built – in Storage

If you want to have built – in shelves but they are not affordable for you, you can make a small stretch from the wall into storage central. Firstly, put colorful table includes the storage below it and a vessel sink. Secondly, add a small size of shelf above the additional storage. Put 2 bookcases on the right and left of the table. Thirdly, put the vanity above the table. And additionally put the mirror and two wall lamps on the wall to make it look like a built – in storage.

Choose Classic Small Bathroom Vanity and Cabinet for Old Fashioned Bathroom with Tile Flooring

Complete Simple Bathroom with White Sink and Small Bathroom Vanity on Beige Tile Flooring

Fabulous White Sinks and Small Oak Bathroom Vanity for Cozy Bathroom with Grey Flooring

Interesting Room with Small Floating Bathroom Vanity and White Sink under Clear Wall Mirror

Round Wall Mirrors above White Sink on Dark Small Bathroom Vanity near Grey Painted Wall

Small Oak Bathroom Vanity and White Sink under Clear Wall Mirror on Grey Painted Wall

The Small Dark Bathroom Vanity and White Sink Completing Classic Bathroom with Laminate Flooring

Wide Shower Area inside Small Bathroom with Dark Small Bathroom Vanity and White Sinks

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