Tips to Design White Kitchen Island

By | January 19, 2022

White kitchen island belongs to the most commonly chosen type by the homeowners when they remodel or build a kitchen. However, every kitchen island should be designed and planned well to make it useful and look perfect in the kitchen. To design and make a useful kitchen island, some tips from the Trowbridge, the award winner of Professional Remodeler Design will be helpful.

Bright White Kitchen Island and Round Stools Placed in Traditional Kitchen with Classic Ceiling Lamps

Make the Right Aisles

It happens many times that homeowners have too large island in their small kitchen and too small island in their large space. So thinking about how the people use the room after the island is built. The minimum aisle between cabinets should be 36 inches. For one cook in the kitchen, 42 inches aisle is ideal and 48 inches should be for a kitchen with two cooks or more. If the aisles are too spacious; up to 5 or 6 feet, it will also become a problem that demands the cooks to walk much.

Shape and Finish the Island Creatively

To design a kitchen island, you should firstly consider the available space. Any shape of the island will become a focal point if the size fits perfectly. Use special materials or finishing to the cabinet or countertop to make eye-catchy look in a large kitchen, such as white kitchen island with glossy black countertops. Besides, add details like paneling the sides and backs or wrapping the furniture will make a nice look.

Apply Some Seats

When you design a kitchen island, then you also should apply some seats as the place for the homeowners to sit facing the island. For a 30 inch height of island, you should seats that provide at least 18 inches clearance under the surface. Meanwhile, for an island with 36 inch of height, you need 15 inches of clearance. And for 42 inch island, you need to make 12 inches clearance. Besides, provide enough room for the elbows too by placing every stool in 24 inches of distance. If the clearance is not enough, everyone who sits on the stools will put their knees on the side or pull the stools up from the island to get more comfortable seat.

Innovative Kitchen Design with Clean Stools and White Kitchen Island under Classic Crystal Chandelierss

Create the Right Design Based on the Function

Design a kitchen island with sink, cook top, oven or only some stools, so it will be more functional. If you have a sink on the island, then place the trash bin and dishwasher nearby. Raise the area for seats so the messy sink area will not bother the guests who sit. Besides, you also install outlet settle in the hidden area to make the kitchen less messy.

Amazing Kitchen with White Kitchen Island and Glossy Refrigerator on Laminate Hardwood Flooring

Choose White Kitchen Island in Appealing Kitchen with Black Round Stools and Clean Counter

Combine Sectional Counter and White Kitchen Island in Traditional Kitchen with Laminate Teak Flooring

Fantastic Design for White Kitchen Island with Drawers and Cabinets under Wooden Top

Add Classic Chandeliers inside Old Fashioned Kitchen with White Kitchen Island and Black Countertop

Place Round Stools and White Kitchen Island in Open Kitchen with Clean Counter under Wooden Ceiling

White Kitchen Island and Dark Top Completing Old Fashioned Kitchen with Wooden Flooring

Wooden Top Completing White Kitchen Island with White Shelves and Drawers for Traditional Kitchen

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