Tips to Decorate Window with Curtains by Applying Four Different Themes

Where the sunlight breaks to your house from? The windows. Where the air comes in to your house from? The windows. Yes, windows are essential things a house must have. Each room in your house must have at least a window. That will help your house to be more airy and brighter. It gives you a space to enjoy the view outside too. Then, how to decorate a window to make it more interesting? You need curtains. These are some tips you can practice at home about window curtain ideas.

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Tips to Decorate A Window with Curtains

Before you decide what kind of curtain and its material, you should decide what theme you are going to have at your house. Here are some themes I may suggest for you.


If you want to bring a classic era to your house, vintage theme can be the best. For the curtain pattern, you can pick up flowery curtain. Choose brown as the curtain base color. For the flowers pattern, choose the one who has color of maroon flower petals or light red with something green for the leaves. The vintage accent will be thick if it is supported with classic furniture.


For Victorian style, you need a high window as Victorian style demands magnificent look. For the choice of curtain, choose thick material which has many traps and laces. The one made from velvet will make it more luxurious. Choose gold color, dark blue, or dark red to accentuate the elegant look.


For a minimalist house, the idea is simpler. You just need to match the color of curtain with the wall. If you want to make a contrast, you can combine light yellow curtain with brown or gray painted wall. If you want to equalize the color, choose the curtain with the same color as the wall. For pattern, it depends on your fondness. You can have striped pattern, asymmetric lines, or even plain.

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This style is for modern look. Paint the wall in soft light blue, then you can adjust the color of curtain with almost the same color, maybe just darker or bluer. The point is make the curtain color reaches the closest similarity with the color of your jeans. You do not need to have the curtain material exactly like a denim, but you can add some coaches with a real denim material to amplify the denim image. This will be so cool!

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