Tips to Decorate Bathroom Storage Shelves

Floating bathroom storage shelves are perfect furnishings for a small bathroom that is limited of space and need more decorative items. To bring professional styled look, you should consider about the color schemes and also the theme. Create a bathroom with pleasing look and unified displays by repeating the designs and patterns, textures and shapes, as well as colors.

Excellent Interior Bathroom Ideas Using Sink and Mirror Between Wall Storage Shelves

Determine a Theme for the Bathroom

You can unify the displays of shelves by displaying decorative items that have relations.

  • Create a refreshing atmosphere by applying beach or ocean theme.
  • Get a calm relaxing atmosphere by applying Zen spa theme.
  • Displaying decorative decors like framed pictures, keepsakes, collages, or mementos among the storage containers so you can create a family theme.
  • Shabby chic, Parisian, or country themes for ladies’ bathroom theme, and industrial, contemporary or rustic theme for men’s bathroom theme.

Applying Simple Color Schemes

You also need to determine simple color schemes on the bathroom storage shelves, such as;

  • Blue, green and white
  • White, silver and blue
  • Mint green, gray and pale pink,
  • Black, navy and tan
  • Coral, turquoise and white
  • Brown, cream and beige

To coordinate the colors, you can use a color wheel to determine the color combination.

Mesmeric Wall and Rolling Bathroom Storage Shelves also Wooden Stool

Combine the Display Items

Besides the color combinations, you also can mix the textures of organic materials such as metal, glass, stone, wood, ceramic, fabric, etc. The items finishing and styles can be suited to your theme. Display the decorative items in groups by firstly clean the shelves and then spread the decors. To improve the visual interest, you can arrange the decors in triangular patterns. For instance, display the woven or sea grass basket on the left top of the shelves, on the right middle, and left bottom. It will distribute the texture and color throughout the shelves. Otherwise, you can edit the displaying look as you like and to create balance look.

Displaying in Varied Height and Layers

It is also a great idea of decorating a bathroom. You can display items on your bathroom storage shelves in layers and varied height. Display smaller candles, trinket boxes or seashells in front of pictures in large frames. Place the rolled or folded towels on the end of the shelves for easy access. Create the depth to display stagger items beside the shelf. Create a place for figurine or candle from a box turned into pedestal.

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