Tips to Decorate a Room with White Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a popular shelve type used in many homes with modern interior designs. The shelves that look floating without external support makes it perfect for minimalist interior design. The floating shelves are available in various color, including white, black, brown, etc. The sleek design can be used to decorate every room at home to store items, displaying the artworks, and also use it as a furniture piece.

Place Small Table and White Sectional Sofa in Cozy Family Room with Stunning White Floating Shelves

In the Kitchen

White floating shelves in the kitchen are perfect as complement of white cabinetry. The shelves can become the best place to display decorative items, including your favorite beautiful dishes. Otherwise, you can also display wildflowers or hand-painted mugs that give colorful look inside your home. The different length of floating shelves can also be a bridge between two cupboards in the kitchen. You can also install the shelves in an empty space to store spices, dish-washing supplies, etc.

In a Family Room

In a home with minimalist interior design, white floating shelves are great to get sleek look. Use the shelves to store DVDs, photographs, plants, books, or candles. Install the shelves beside a wall-mounted TV to get more extended look in the family room.

In the Bedroom

Floating shelves in the bedroom can have some functions, including as nightstands. It is great choice for a small bedroom because the floating shelves look slimmer and don’t need much space. Use the shelves to place before bedtime table lamps, books, photographs, candles, or stuffed animals and toys in kid’s rooms.

Complete Minimalist Family Room with White Floating Shelves and Modern Fireplace on Hardwood Flooring

In the Bathroom

White floating shelves can also be installed in bathrooms with white as the general color theme. In small bathrooms where the spaces are very limited, you can use floating shelves to replace a cupboard. Arrange rolled fresh towels, rubber duck, bathing supplies or anything on the shelves. The shelf is also a great place for candles, bubble bath, aromatherapy room freshener, etc. that support relaxing soak. Install the shelves in any area you need to store the items of the bathroom.

The white shelves will become interesting features hung on the wall in darker paint colors. In a small room where the space is very limited, the white color will support well in creating more airy atmosphere, since white color will not overwhelm the space. You can purchase floating shelves or make some DIY projects. Find some tutorials to make DIY floating shelves, make them in your desired lengths and then finish them in white. You can have it in every room for different functions.

Add White Floating Shelves on Grey Painted Wall inside Appealing Room with Cozy Furniture

Black Fireplace and White Cabinets Placed in Traditional Living Room with White Floating Shelves and Grey Sofa

Choose Glossy White Floating Shelves for Modern Kitchen with Long Counter and Wide Sink under White Cabinets

Clean White Floating Shelves above Long White Cabinets Placed in Simple Room with Laminate Oak Flooring

Grey Painted Wall and Interesting White Floating Shelves Located in Awesome Room with Fluffy Sofa

High Wardrobe Cabinet and White Floating Shelves Completing Simple Room with White Painted Wall

Old Fashioned Family Room with Wooden Desk and White Chair near White Floating Shelves on Blue Wall

Use White Floating Shelves on White Painted Wall for Books and Unique Ornaments inside Awesome Room

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