Tips to Create a Perfect Small Bathroom Layout

By | February 16, 2022

A bathroom needs few essential items in the room like sink, tub, shower and toilet. Some people also like to add vanity or other storage spaces to store towels, toiletries or cleaning products. If we have big bathroom, putting all those furniture is not a problem. But whatever happen with small bathroom? You need to calculate every single things when you create small bathroom layout. In this article we will give you several tips that hopefully can help you creating a perfect small bathroom.

Nice Color Accent in Small Bathroom Layout with Wooden Material and Cute Downlight

Corner sink

Small bathroom usually has narrow traffic lane. The ordinary sink sometimes can make your already narrow lane becoming narrower. The trick to make some space for traffic lane in small bathroom is by using the corner space. Put corner sink across the toilet so individual who comes out from the shower will not collide with individual in front of the sink.

Floating vanity

Floating vanity will create an illusion of bigger place since you still can see the floor beneath it. Floating vanity also make your cleaning work much easier because there will be less nook and corner you have to clean on the floor.

Rounded vanity

We often knock the sharp corner of vanity in small bathroom. To avoid bruise hip happened to you, you can always opt the rounded vanity for your bathroom. Not only will safe for your hip, rounded vanity also save more space for the traffic lane in small bathroom.

Forget the shower door

If your bathroom is really tight space, forget the shower door. The shower door which moves in and out will require some space to be open completely, the space that you don’t have in your small bathroom. Opt for shower curtain or glass panels if you are afraid the water will be splashing around.

Pure Ambience from White Furniture in Small Bathroom Layout with Best Circle Window

Bigger mirror

Mirror reflect new dimension to the room that will expand your small bathroom. Bigger mirror also help two people to use it in the same time.

Through sink

Through sink is a sink that will be installed through the wall. Since it will be wall mounted, you can save more space on the floor so the bathroom will look bigger.

Wall-mounted faucet

Installing wall-mounted faucets is more expensive than the usual ones. But it give more advantages for small bathroom layout. Your small bathroom will look clean and bigger since you cannot see the elaborate pipes that often took some space on the floor.

Fascinating Nice Yellow Color from Great Granite Wall Material Accent

Glossy Glass Material in Small Bathroom Layout with Cute Downlight and White Vanity

Modern Accessory Decor with Large Glass Door and Dark Cabinet

Remarkable Wooden Furniture with Nice Vanity and Cute Many Downlight

Simple Furniture Design in Small Bathroom Layout with Bright Mirror and Glass Door

Small Bathroom Layout with Big Stone Material and Glass Door plus Low Bathub

Wonderfull Tile Wall Accent from Ceramics Material and Chalk Color

Romantic Lamplight with Best Wooden Material Accent and Streaky Ceiling

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