Tips to Choose the Correct Office Paint Colors to Increase Productivity and Creativity

Office in an essential place where people spend time the most than they do in house. The decoration and atmosphere of workplace can affected on someone’s productivity and creativity. That’s why, having arranged the right furniture and office paint colors can help you to increase your spirit during work time. It said if a color can change people’s mood and symbol’s your mood and behavior, thus should be choose carefully. Here are several tips on how to choose the right paint color for your office and be productive worker!

Rustic Office Paint Colors With Wooden Desk and Chair also Dresser

Bright Colored Paints Are Better Choice

AS we all know, bright colors are very effective to change the mood into something more positive. Such as blue can provide calm atmosphere, yellow create optimism and high spirit moods, orange can create enthusiasm and creativity, green can help to lessen the eyestrain from working place that require you to work all day in front of computer as well as increase your creativity side, and many more.

Don’t Set Up Everything Only With One Color

Most people will likely choose only one color in order to maintain harmony in the look of their office. However, having the same color painting all room in your office can bring boredom to you later on. So, it’s better to have some accent such as create a horizontal line with different color on the middle of wall or arranged the furniture in different color set which match with the main color preference.

Being Overly Colorful is No Good

Although bright color can resulted in worker’s productivity and creativity, but setting up too many different color in the same room can only distract your attention during work and resulting in uncomfortable atmosphere. That’s why, it’s important to mix and match the color for your main paint color with accent color coming from additional wall pattern and furniture.

Seductive Room With Black Wall also Brown Desk and Grey Chair

Plain White is Boring

Even though white is common color being used to paint as office room in attempt to make the room look larger and avoid distraction, but white color often being seen by most people as boring and decrease their mood as well as their creativity level. If you still insist on choosing the white color, then it’s your liberty. However, try to add some wall pattern as accent and arrange colorful furniture which come in the same pallet color in order to maintain harmony in color scheme between wall and the room’s contents.

Stunning Desk also Chair Plus Drawers for Best Office Paint Colors

Wondrous Desk and Office Chair also Bookshelve plus Blue Wall Paint

Nervous Orb Chanddelier above Desk and Chair Plus Dark Office Paint Color Wall

Modern Office Paint Colors Using Modern Red Drawers Design Ideas

Interesting White Wall and Floor Design also Dark Desk Plus Chairs

Interesting Desk With Book Shelves also Arm Chair and Pillow

Beckoning Furniture Office Paint Colors With Wooden Table and Dark Chairr

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