Tips To Buy Kids Bed With Storage

Have you used this type of bed, kids beds with storage? What is it for? This for your kids that has needed their own bed that suitable for their growing body. Most of the kids love to have bunk beds. However, it cannot apply to your kids that is afraid of height.

Place Oak Kids Beds with Storage inside Comfy Teen Bedroom with Laminate Teak Flooring

So where the kids are playing with toys, you can start redecorating their room with kids bed with storage which help you to give impression of bigger space of the room.
Kids bed with storage has various style. It can be single be or like bunk beds with storage.

For the single bed kids, we can make several themes such as:

– Boxing ring

This theme uses the single bed. For the edges, you can add big short ropes that are red – painted so it will look like a boxing ring. For adding more boxing atmosphere, you give blue color of the bed sheet. And the last touch, you can put a sticker related to the boxing idols.

– Colorful storage

It is the simplest theme that you can make for your kids. The ideas is just using a single bed with red bed sheet color. Then for the storage below the bed, you can buy or paint the storages with minimum three different colors. The storages can for keeping the toys neatly or another school thingies.

Use Wooden Kids Beds with Storage and Blue Bedding for Simple Bedroom with Whte Carpet Rug

– Semi bunk bed

Why this is called semi bunk bed? The reason is because the kids bed is like on the second floor because it uses a ladder to climb up to the bed. And for the underneath part, there are bookshelves mini and the long horizontally drawers. The drawers can keep the clothes neatly.

– Cottage – like

If your kid likes having cottage experience, you can make the kids bed from wood. Measure the size and make the ceiling – fake over the bed high. The edge can be used for bookshelves.

– Attic look

If your kids like theme like shabby chic, you can make it by having one single bed in your kids room. Then the storage is enough only 1 slide. But don’t worry, inside the slide storage, you can make partitions as your need.

– Single full kids bed

Basically it is almost the same with other types. However, one thing that it has is the headboard changed into storages. So besides the storage underneath the bed, your kids can have additional storage above their heads.

Fill Spacious Kids Bedroom with Stunning Kids Beds with Storage and Stylish Desk near Swivel Chair

Decorate Minimalist Bedroom with Blue Kids Beds with Storage and White Ladder on Laminate Oak Flooring

Complete Comfy Bedroom with Tidy Blue Bookshelves and Blue Kids Beds with Storage on Laminate Flooring

Orange Kids Beds with Storage and Bookshelves in Fascinating Bedroom using White Flooring

Colorful Duvet and White Kids Beds with Storage Placed in Wide Bedroom with Carpet Rug on Oak Flooring

Choose Green Kids Beds with Storage and Fluffy Mattress beside Oak Desk and White Chair near Blue Bean Bag

Black Side Table and White Kids Beds with Storage Completing Attractive Bedroom with Orange Painted Wall

Appealing Green Bedding on White Kids Beds with Storage beside White Nightstand and Futuristic Table Lamp

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