Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Living Room Carpet

Carpet is the essential element for your living room. It is the instant way of making your living room looks warmer and cozier for your family and friends to gather. Considering its importance, you can’t choose living room carpet without thorough consideration. Here are some tips and guidance you should follow before choosing the perfect living room carpet!

Delightful Sofa also Round Coffee Table On Living Room Carpet

1. The traffic

Before you use a carpet for your living room, you should consider the traffic of the area. If you have toddler or pets, it is better to go for the durable carpet instead the simply costly one. Make sure the carpet can withstand wear and tear.

2. Look around the other décor

It’s very important that your carpet match the overall décor of your living room. To make sure that the carpet is in tune with the room décor, you can bring the sample of your living room pieces to the shops. Hence, you have vivid image of your living room to decide the perfect carpet to complement it. It will be more convenient if you choose one for your new remodeled house with new furniture set as you can have wide array of designs and colors to start from.

3. The lighting

Even if you ask for advice to choose living room carpet, the shopkeeper will almost always start questioning the lighting of the room. If the lighting of your living room is quite bright, you have no worry to pick the darker shades ones. On the other hand, if your living room is rather dim-lite, you can choose carpet with lighter shade to avoid the living room looks darker than they’re supposed to be.

Graceful Leather Sofa also Modern Fireplace Mantel and Carpet

4. The size of room

If your living room is considerably tiny, you should consider taking the lighter shades of carpet in order to make it looks larger. Whereas if it is a large space, you can choose darker shades to give the living room warm, cozy and inviting instead of emptiness feeling, especially during the cooler climate.

5. Plain or Patterned

Plain or single colored carpet is favorable for its simplicity and minimalist design. However, if you are considered as a clumsy or have family members who are super clumsy, don’t risk having plan carpet as it will expose any stains obviously. You’d better look for the patterned living room carpet or at least the ones with multiple colors as it does a remarkable job in concealing any unwanted stains.

Delicate Interior Using Chic Living Room Carpet also Charming Sofa

Gorgeous Carpet Design also Lush Sofa For Decorating Living Area

Grand Coffee Table Between Sofas on Gray Carpet For Living Space

Small Sofa For Living Room under Elegant Wooden Coffee Table

Adorable Interior Living Space Using Carpet also White Sofa With Pillows

Appealing Living Room Carpet Design and Grey Sofa also Dresser

Attractive Design of Living Room Carpet Plus Rectangular Glass Coffee Table

Attractive Semi Circle Sofa also Lounge Chair Plus Living Room Carpet

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