Tips on Finding the Perfect Coffee Table

By | November 2, 2021

Modern coffee table is a great choice for your living room and modern style is always suitable for any kind of living room in your house. But sometimes you find it is confusing to choose the right one. Moreover, you cannot pick a piece of furniture carelessly because it will ruin the atmosphere in your house. So, here are the tips to pick the right coffee table for your room.

Dark Modern Coffee Table with Lower Pulled Storages on Grey Carpet Rug in Awesome Sitting Room

The missing piece

Coffee table is something like a piece of puzzle on the living room. It can be the last missing piece of it. In order to make it a complete puzzle you should find the missing piece. The good step is choosing the seats before picking the coffee table. After that, you can look in the whole room in filling the blank space between the room and the seats. Regardless the modern coffee table or traditional style, it should complete the whole room.

Look at the space

There is always the ideal space of putting every piece of furniture in the living room. It is not only about the space between the furniture but also the circulation space. The ideal space between table and the seat is 18 inches because you can reach the drink easily and you are also able to stretch the leg freely.

Leave some room

The coffee table will also be adjusted with the room size. The ideal space for the main passage way is about 30 inches for the table up to the cabinet or TV credenza. But if the room is smaller, 24 inches will be the minimum space between them two. You need the proper space to walk in the room.

Combine Black and White Shelves for Modern Coffee Table with Lower Shelf and Low Legs

The height of the table

Basically, the coffee table is lower than the sofa seat for about 1 or 2 inches. The standard size is like 16 up to 18 inches. But if it turns out that you have taller sofa seat, you should get the taller coffee table as well. As we have said earlier, the coffee table is picked after the sofa is fixed.


Style is important for a room, especially for living room because many people will be on the room in the same time. The sofa and the table should be matched, even though they are not in the same style. Balance in the style is essential in any room and any style will be a good match for modern coffee table.

Fantastic Reflective Top on Grey Modern Coffee Table Decorating the Enchanting Living Room with Fluffy Sofa

Interesting Living Room with Grey Sofa and Modern Coffee Table near White Shelves on Hardwood Flooring

Place Beautiful White Flowers Pot in Modern Coffee Table with Glass Top and Grey Wooden Base

Sensational Room using Futiristic Modern Coffee Table with Round Shape on White Tile Flooring

Complete Wonderful Living Room with Modern Coffee Table and Black Sofa on Grey Concrete Flooring

Brilliant Glass Panel Details in Modern Coffee Table with White Top and Minimalist Design

Strong Wooden Base for Modern Coffee Table with Reflective Black Top and Unusual Design

Add Small Fire Pit in Modern Square Coffee Table inside Classic Sitting Area with White Console Table

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