Tips on Decorating a Living Room for Better Look

Living room wall décor is definitely going to help you in creating certain vibes and atmosphere in the room. Other than that, the wall decoration can also make the room looks better. Well, you can also redecorate your living room if one day you get bored by the same color and the same decoration in years. Well, we have several tips for you who want to change the living room into a better look. Check this out.

Add Brilliant Living Room Wall Decor for Gorgeous Room with White Sofas and Sensational Coffee Table

Paint colors at the last part

Some people will discover the right paint color for their living room in the first place, moreover, it should be complementing the existing furniture and also bonding the anything in the room into something unity. So, it is better to pick and apply the paint color after the other stuff in the house is done.

Breathing room for furniture

You probably just want to put anything you like in the living room and display them. But actually it just makes the living room looks so crowded. It is not how the living room wall décor will help you because if you want to have gracious space for living, you have to put aside the space to give ease for furniture. Other than that, it also helps a lot when it comes to tiny budget for the decorating project.

Long Dark Sofas and Low Coffee Table Located in Comfy Sitting Room with Appealing Living Room Wall Decor

Right height for the artwork

Artwork on the wall is one of the great ideas for wall decoration in the living room. But actually you cannot hang it whatever you like because there is unwritten rule about the proper height og hanging the artwork. If we look the reference from the galleries and museums, 57 inches up to 60 inches above the floor will be the great height for the wall-hanging artwork. High ceiling will also be the great space for you to make it full of the art and make statement with that.

Furniture and rug

Well, rug is an element that will complete your living room decoration. But you have to consider it before putting all pieces of furniture above it. You should have big rug so the furniture can be on top of it. Or if you only have small living room, small rug that will be enough for the coffee table’s legs will be great for sure. But for this point you better t play with layer, colors, patterns, and textures for the best result along with living room wall décor.

Choose Calm Living Room Wall Decor Completed with White Sectional Sofa and Glass Coffee Table

Complete Sitting Area with Lovely Living Room Wall Decor using Black Tree and Red Flowers Wall Mural

Fantastic Living Room Wall Decor for Elegant Sitting Room with Wide Table and Cozy Sofas

Green Living Room Wall Decor on Grey Painted Wall Completing Old Fashioned Sitting Room with Grey Sofa

Install Unique Ceiling Lamp above Fluffy Sofa and Glass Top Coffee Table near Stunning Living Room Wall Decor

Place Red Sofa and White Sofa Chaise facing Glass Top Coffee Table near Flowery Living Room Wall Decor

Rustic Living Room Wall Decor Completing Cozy Room with Tufted Sofas and Wide Leather Coffee Table

Use Natural Living Room Wall Decor for Minimalist Room with Cream Sectional Sofa and Wooden Coffee Table

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