Tips on Choosing the White Subway Tile for Bathroom

White subway tile is just one of kinds. It can be applied on the bathroom, kitchen, and many more. But apparently you cannot choose a tile for a room without consideration and in this article we are going to give information about choosing tiles for bathroom. It should be started from the layout but it is not the all-in-one solution. So, I guess you need to read this article till the last word. Check this out.

Make a plan

Plan is definitely something you should consider even this is the root of all considerations you will make in the future. You probably want to make certain part of the wall as certain things such as place for shampoo, soaps, and many more. For this case, you better put marks on the wall with marker, spray paint, or anything to inform and remind you that the point is reserved. And if you hire the professional to make the renovation, you should tell them.

Make sure the tile size

Some people make mistake in this point. Almost all the tiles sold in European sizing chart. And if you are not getting used to it yet, it is better to double-check about the size of the tile you want to buy. White subway tile also has several sizes which actually not significantly different but it can make difference after installed in the bathroom. So, if you have to buy the tile, you better buy the sample and put it on your bathroom’s wall, make sure that it is fit.

Use Old Fashioned White Subway Tile Wall for Tiny Bathroom with White Bathtub and Long Vanity

Make the arrangement

You should remember that you install the tile from the ceiling down to the floor and not the opposite. It needs to be done because the bathroom deserves a nice appearance. And if you are not sure yet about the placement or the arrangement, you can get help from the wall board. It helps you to see the blue print of how the tile will give the room certain impression.

Be careful around the windows and doors

Well, the critical points are laid on area around windows and also doors. It has the highest challenge in this case. You need to put the waterproof but it is not the easy part to be assembled. So, it is better if the windows and doors are installed with waterproof at the first place. This is the only thing that will work to make the water not trapped behind the white subway tile.

Complete Closed Glass Shower Area with Clean White Subway Tile Wall beside Dark Vanity and White Sink

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