Tips on Applying Office Decorating Ideas

By | December 1, 2021

For some people, office is like second home for them. The reason is quite simple. Because they or you spend most of the time in a day at the office.

Most people tend to bring some stuffs from their homes to their office desks. However, if you do not think and decide which stuffs go right for your office desk, it only will end up just messing your desk.

Add White Document Cabinet and Floating Bookshelves facing Wooden Desk in Wide Office Decorating Ideas

So, how can you manage your desk well? Here are some tips on applying office decorating ideas.

Knows your Office
⦁ Specific Rules of the Office
Are you working at very strict and formal office where you can’t bring your own stuff?
There are some offices that do not allow the employees to bring the employees’ own stuff. The reason is for the sake of security for the whole company’s safety.

⦁ Your Office Mates
If you want to bring specific stuffs, see around you first. What you see will give you clues what rules are in your office. Some bosses give specific rules, even for the personal stuffs. So either you ask your bosses, or see what your friends have on their desks.

⦁ Your Characteristic
If you are introvert person and do not want to bring your personal stuffs such as family photos, you can take another way to color up your office desk. You can bring up some colorful stuffs. For example colorful sticky notes, colorful highlighters, and many more.

⦁ The Office Styles
Are you having facing the wall desk? Working in commercial office? Or staying in a room? It matters for you in order to choose what theme goes well for you.

Use Wicker Baskets on Floating Shelf inside Traditional Office Decorating Ideas with Tufted Chair and White Shelves

Facing the Wall

If you are working with desk face the wall, it gives you opportunity to have hanging stuffs more. This flexibility allows you to share your colorful ideas in front of you. Just choose by using pin-it board, whiteboard, or shelves.

In a Room

If you are working in a bigger space, for example inside a room, you can play with the chairs or sofas, your desk and other places around you there. Bring up the joyful by hanging big pictures or photos of some inspirational people

In a Commercial Place

You can’t negotiate for more space because what you have only a big as your desk added by little space for the height from the separator between the employees’ desks. What you can do is playing with the break walls around you that is in front of you, right and left of you. Just sticking your notes there or you can pin your photos or notes using specific board.

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