Tiny House Plans For Trailer

By | August 7, 2022

Tiny House Plans For Trailer – The Paradox Valley in western Colorado is a dry, sparsely populated part of the state that few people know about, let alone have ever visited. It is flanked by the La Sal Mountains of Utah to the west, and large high mesas to the east. It is so named because the Dolores River cuts across the valley, gouging deep canyons in the mesa walls, instead of flowing along the length of the valley floor, like most Colorado Rivers. This is all thanks to a series of unusual geological events that you can read more about here. In true RMTH fashion, we look up place names that reference the Rocky Mountains. Even though this place is in the Rocky Mountains, it paradoxically feels more like a place in the desert of Utah, maybe Moab or Mexican Hat. It was the perfect name for this new design!

For starters, this tiny house is based on a 22′ trailer. Sure, people have built on 22′ trailers before, but for whatever reason, most people seem to stray from it. It is this weird size that seems to have very little interest. When I talk to customers who are interested in a house near this length, they always talk about a 20′ or a 24′ house. Almost no one thinks about a 22′. So, partly to satiate my vanity to include the all important 22′ length in our portfolio, but also because I think it’s just a really cool trailer length to build on (a bit roomier than 20 ′, but a little easier to tow than a 24 ‘), I developed this 22’ long tiny house on wheels design.

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

Besides a rarely used trailer length, the other aspect that makes this design a paradox is the roofline. At first glance at one of the corners, you see a shed roof in two directions, so you might think that this is just a shed roof that is inclined in two axes, aka a composite shed roof. But then you walk around to the opposite corner, only to have the same exact shape come into focus, after which you start scratching your head and wondering how this is possible. After taking a step inside and looking at the lines from here, you understand that it is a curved roof. It is an elegant game on geometry, using walls that are linear in nature, but creating a ceiling surface that has a spherical aspect to it. It really forces your brain to study what’s going on, but once it clicks, you’re free to enjoy the other aspects of the design.

Tiny Home Blueprints

The interior layout emphasizes three main goals: open concept floor plan, a main floor sleeping solution, and a full size bath. I was able to meet all three by pulling out some classic tiny house design tricks. You enter through a 32-inch door on the passenger side, directly in front of the wheel well. Right takes you to the bathroom, directly into the living room, and left to the kitchen. A centrally located entrance means no tight corridors to navigate through, and easy access to every part of the house.

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

In the bathroom I had to cheat a little and go with a compact (54″) instead of full size tub, but it will still soak those tired bones well. Not only is there plenty of room for a flush toilet, small window, and large vanity along the front wall, but opposite these features is a washer dryer combo with massive storage shelves above. If you head back to the living space, narrow shelves extend floor to ceiling for shoe storage or anything else you can fit in. If you don’t like the look of open shelves, put up some cabinet doors and call it good! The bathroom can be closed off for privacy with a sliding door. On the other side of the shower door wall is a closet to the living room.

The living room is left as open as possible with a built-in sofa with pull-out drawers over the driver’s side wheel well. There is space to mount a TV opposite the sofa, next to the entrance door. Right next to the sofa begins the kitchen, with an L-shaped layout. From left to right, a 10-cubic-foot refrigerator with cabinet above, then the sink, then a corner cabinet, around the corner a two-burner cooktop with a combo microwave/convection oven/disposer hood above, a pull-out pantry below, then some cabinet prep space. Not a huge or fancy kitchen, but sure enough. There is no interference with the wheel wells, so unmodified stock cases will work fine here.

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

How To Build A Tiny House

Returning to the living area, across from the sofa, there is a 22″ deep x 72″ long folding table that can be used for dining, laptop, games, arts and crafts, you name it. Fold it back down when you’re done, and the entire living room floor is open for yoga, exercise, stretching, building leaf forts, or whatever tickles your fancy. At this point you should still see the sleep option down. This takes the form of a Murphy bed that is blended into the sofa design-Couch during the day, and the bed folds down at night and sits on top of the sofa. No climbing stairs or ladder, no claustrophobic feeling of a cramped air, no banging your head on the ceiling, just a simple tilt of the bed down, and you are ready for a good night’s rest!

The last notable feature of this design is that there is still an air included. It’s actually tall enough to be used for sleeping quarters, if you as a guest want that, but in our minds it would function more as storage or extra hangout space. It is accessible via a ladder mounted on the bathroom door. Imagine for a second that you are sitting on the deck outside your brand new tiny house, sipping on your favorite drink, taking in the surroundings and thinking about how grateful you are for having made the decision to build and live in a tiny house. …

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

Your dream of being free from many of life’s “shackles” is now a reality. You live in a brand new house that you love, your expenses are about 1/3 of what they use to be and you are now in control of your future. You can now work much less if you choose and spend your free time doing what you like….

Ft. Trailer My Husband Is Building For A Tiny House, No Plans Just Stoner Engineering

The dream is alive and well! Many people around the world are taking the plunge into the world of tiny houses and creating the life of their dreams, in a fraction of the time one would normally think it would take.

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

Our 7.2 meter (24ft) tiny house trailer plans will literally save you hundreds of hours in front of the computer trying to design your tiny house. All the hard work has been done for you. Eliminate the guesswork and start your tiny house design with confidence with Australia’s leading tiny house trailer design.

If you use a manufacturer to build your trailer that offers this service, you don’t have to worry about this. If, on the other hand, you are not sure who will build your trailer, it is highly recommended to choose the engineered plans. They will save you time and money in the long run!

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

Roll Out: All About Our Tiny House Trailer Foundation

Yes, our trailer plans are very easy to read. If you find them difficult to read or work with for any reason, we can help you make sense of them or give you a 100% refund.

Yes, you can make any changes to the design you want. Please keep in mind that any changes made to the design require engineering approval before building the trailer which we can provide at an additional cost or alternatively you can find your own structural engineer to do this for you.

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

Our team can help! Send us an email or call us and one of our team will be happy to help.

Tiny House Plans

We have a talented design team who are happy to help. Give us a call or send us an email with exactly what you need help with and someone will be in touch.

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

For sure! Our talented design team loves working on custom tiny house design projects. Contact us for a free quote.

I haven’t started construction yet, but super excited with lots of ideas how my little house will look like.

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

Tiny Project Tiny House Floor Plans (construction Pdf + Sketchup)

Imagine for a second that you are sitting on the deck outside your brand new tiny house, sipping on your favorite drink, taking in the surroundings and thinking about how thankful…

After struggling through my own tiny house construction I have settled with the primary goal of helping you avoid all the pain and costly mistakes I suffered. Save yourself time, money and frustration with a world class set of Tiny Home Plans. We are only talking about one type of tiny homes here – tiny homes on wheels. Right away

Tiny House Plans For Trailer

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