Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

By | August 29, 2022

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft – Update 4/25/2016: Interested in the tiny house lifestyle? Self reliance? Zero-waste? Going off-grid? Check out my new podcast, The Sustainable Mind. Listen online at ASustainableMind.com or subscribe via iTunes.

I’ve been out of town for a few weeks now preparing for an event, so my posts have been sparse. Today I will post some simple fun stuff. My Tiny House Plans!

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

I made these in Ecovia’s The Make Room online software and then made some corrections/modifications in Photoshop and SketchUp. I am new to Icovia but learned to use the program quickly and enjoy 2D drawings a bit more than SketchUp. I will be going 3d on these projects soon. Icovia is free, you can save multiple layouts, group components and copy/rename docs to create simple multiple versions.

Tiny Houses With The Most Amazing Lofts

I want to comfortably sleep a few guests in my little house without sacrificing living space while I’m the only one awake. As you can see I have a queen bed in the sleeping loft (2), I have a convertible sofa (2) and the 2nd loft above the porch is an obvious storage but very comfortable sleeping/reading loft (1) . I think this will be my favorite spot in the house and I plan to place the window to take full advantage of the view from there. I couldn’t find anything that fit my criteria for a convertible sofa: only 30″ deep, 70″ wide and the style I liked so I figured I’d make my own. I have completed a simple design, I just need to learn how to weld (LOL) and upholster 2 cushions. When folded it is 3 inches lower than a queen size bed…not too shabby!

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

The tall countertop space (36-37″) is easy on my back and my family. I’m 5’6″ but I’m the shortest in my immediate family (except my grandma). So it was a must and really ended up being a gift because then I could stack my 15.5 inch oven with a 20 inch refrigerator cube and hotplate to cover this area when I wasn’t using my hotplate. Can and use it as a countertop prep space.

My one concern is creating enough space for ventilation between the fridge and the oven. Owen’s feet give about 2 centimeters and I might add a little. As for the sink, I’m thinking of a simple double basin turned sideways. The rear basin is a dry rack/storage for plates. I plan to extend my foldable faucet from the wall against the counter so with the cover it can also be a countertop prep area.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

Tiny House On Wheels Building Plan — Small House Catalog

You can’t see it in these 2D layouts but there is a bookcase on the wall between the kitchen and the living area and those bookshelves are only 36-48″ tall. When my friends and I get together at someone’s place we cook together, and I wanted to keep this area open to encourage conversation between the two places. With the TV swing arm mount I can watch the screen while cooking. The bookshelf on the side of the couch/closet goes up to the loft and can double as a ladder if my movable one is being used in the 2nd loft.

The Fencl model has this but at an angle. I plan to have mine be completely vertical. I got the idea from Johnathan to put my electric box here and still have plenty of room to move around, plants or an indoor herb garden, storage, or a shelf for some of my unnecessary but super cool stuff: figurines, guitars, and things I like to look at on a daily basis but don’t really use.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

I spend so much time looking for fixtures and equipment and really putting everything together. I’m inviting the money, resources and workspace to build and in the meantime having the time of my life being creative with the use of space…really fun.

Light Haus Tiny House 24’x8’6

Here’s a video of me opening up a 6th sleeping spot to incorporate it and it’s definitely worth considering in any small home with multiple occupants. Long video but interesting interview. Skip to 6:30 to hear about their sleeping arrangements.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

It’s a “drawbridge” bed that tucks under the loft, takes up zero space when stored… awesome and totally doable.

Well that’s it. I have a few posts in the chamber but they are incomplete, unexplored, spell-checked…I should have more time next week. For a first-time homeowner, short means sustainable. Even a small space can be stylish if well designed and thoughtfully laid out.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

Free Tiny House Plans

Not to mention that tiny houses have the added benefit of being budget-friendly and energy-efficient. As an increasing number of young homeowners enter the housing market, they are looking for low-cost and low-maintenance options. Their focus is on the smart home rather than the square footage.

The utility of smaller and smaller homes is part of a broader trend toward minimalism and simplicity. However, a small or tiny house plan challenges homeowners to get creative and learn how to maximize their space without compromising on lifestyle.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

The foundation of the movement can actually be traced back to Henry David Thoreau’s 150-square-foot cabin built near Walden Pond in 1854. American writers who extolled the virtues of self-reliance found that a modest life was better for flamboyance. Cultivates a creative faculty and a deep respect for the human spirit.

Do It Yourself Tiny Houses With Free Or Low Cost Plans

Tiny houses continue to fascinate designers and architects. If you look around, you will see that even though the population is smaller and more spread out, the tiny house is a living necessity. Traditional yurts, Bedouin tents and trulli houses in the Puglia region of Italy.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

Homeowners in Portland, Oregon, could legally build “ADUs,” or accessory dwelling units, on their personal property in 1997, opening the floodgates for the tiny house movement across the country.

Over the next two decades, numerous businesses and non-profits dedicated to various types of tiny homes began to spring up. From Jay Shaffer’s mobile-tiny-home company, “Tumbleweed Tiny House,” to the collective foundation, “Small House Society,” and the setup of the American Tiny House Association in 2015, tiny houses have picked up big steam.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

Terraform One Tiny House 32’x8’6

However, in 2016, the International Code Council (ICC) officially recognized tiny houses as part of the IRC or Residential Code. It kept tiny homes legal with regular-sized homes and the U.S. , became the first state to adopt loose code regulations for tiny houses. Under this provision, homeowners of small houses can get an occupancy certificate for their house as long as they comply with the code rules.

In a super-sized world, tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular. But it’s important to make sure the tiny house floor plan you’re looking at feels like home and not a glamorous but temporary camping or cottage experience.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

Not every tiny house plan is created equal. Unlike many other styles, such as ranch-style homes or colonial homes, tiny house plans have only one requirement: the total square footage must be 1,000 square feet or less. Some builders extend this to 1,200, but apart from living space, the sky is the limit for designing other details of a tiny house.

Une Tiny House Maligne De 17m2 Bien équipée (avec Plan)

This means that if you are an eco-conscious family, you can opt for composting toilets. Or, if you prefer A-frame style homes, you may need to install a loft to divide the sleeping areas between parents and children. Spaces within a small home floor plan really encourage innovation – it’s amazing how a kitchen island on wheels transforms into a dining table, for example.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

Small or tiny house floor plans feature compact exteriors. Their inherent creativity means you can pick any style of home and replicate it on a miniature scale. Colonial-style designs, for example, lend themselves well to a small home perspective because of their simple, rectangular shape.

However, the exteriors can be designed according to more modern sensibilities, which often include flat, seam metal roofs, concrete columns, large, wrap-around glass windows, and pre-engineered wooden trusses.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

Tiny House Ottawa

Tiny or tiny homes do well with an A-frame, a popular minimalist choice for people who like lots of sunlight streaming through their tiny homes. Smaller, A-frame homes often feature striking, sloping roofs, impressive stone chimneys, wide porches or wraparound decks, and open upstairs areas.

The interior of a tiny house is as open to interpretation as the exterior. Due to limitations around square footage, interiors often feature open-concept floor plans — such as a master bedroom with no door that flows directly into a master ensuite — or a kitchen that combines an open-floor living room area with a small breakfast nook. A pause. If there are hallways, these spaces contain furniture that can double up or provide a functional transition.

Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

Many small house floor plans consist of only one floor. However, families wanting a little more space or those who prefer physical separation can adapt

Want To Build A Tiny House? Here’s Where You Can Find Floor Plans

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