Tile Flooring Ideas Based on Weather

When you plan to build a new house, flooring must be the most phase you are excited about. The need of tile flooring model is depending on the local weather where you are living. This will have an internal effect in every house.

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Flooring with Parquette

Parquette has some functions people love to use for homes. Parquette has art vintage values if you like rustic style for your house. Many architects have recommended the fabulous parquette installation because it has antique accent for a room, clean, and cozy. This needs a careful maintenance to clean the wooden tiles. Using parquette, you do not need to put carpet to cover the floor. This wooden flooring can absorb the cold weather so you can feel warm when you stay at home. Parquette is better coated for long lasting reason.

Installing parquette for your floor, you will need a special expert who knows how to put them correctly because mistake on installation will not make the result nice at all. The size of parquette is also important to measure before constructing a house, because it has specific height and dimension to match with your floor height. Parquette can be installed in dry bathroom, but you have to keep them dry. With the right design, parquette bathroom flooring will not have any problem.


Ceramics flooring are always good for all weather. People living in tropical countries prefer to use ceramics for their houses. The daily maintenance of ceramics is easy. It requires to be swept and swabbed everyday. Ceramics has many functional types you will see in stores. Ceramics for bedroom, living room and family room should be different from ceramics for bathroom. And that applies for kitchen room as well. Bathroom has to be installed with tiles that do not slip, so the tile surface is not glossy, and some even have textures like squares or stripes.

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For terraces, another type of tiles are also available. The outdoor tiles have lots of models you can buy from the building stores. Tile flooring with ceramics can be fun, because there are plenty different choice of colors you can pick for the house theme. These tiles can be combined too. From some tiles color you can create motifs for your floor. The ceramics tile flooring installation should also need an expert who know the right mixture for nats, cements, and how to make the floor density is good.

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