Things You Haven’t Known Before About Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

By | November 27, 2021

Having a plain to redesign the furniture inside the bathroom? What do we need to prepare all the things?

Well, basically we have to know that the design of the bathroom determines the further renovation, including the bathroom vanity mirrors places.

Add Frameless Bathroom Vanity Mirrors in Old Fashioned Room with Oak Vanity and White Sink

And other things is that you should know that there are several kinds of the mirrors:

1. Venetian mirrors

This type is designed by the etched frames into the glass. The romantic touch felt so deeply whenever passes this mirrors because the frame gives luxurious impressions.

2. Framed mirrors

This type is presented in numerous styles – classic, contemporary, ornate and although the design concept is simple, they have a great decorative value in the bathroom.

3. Lighted mirrors

As its name, this mirrors have put lighted to give more lighting. This one is usually used by artist to give them clarity when they are doing the makeup.

4. Vanity mirrors

The bathroom vanity mirrors are small plus been designed to be on the countertops. It may have built-in lights for extra illumination when applying makeup

You don’t need to know all those kinds of mirrors. However, this is a little bit about vanity mirrors. Do you already what it is?

Types of vanity mirror cabinets

There are three different types of the vanity mirrors:

– Cabinet

As the name, the cabinets are placed below the sink or put beside the vanity.

– Wall mounted

  • Hang on the wall directly
  • Has a sizeable space between the bottom and the floor that gives impression of bigger space
  • The most used materials : glass, metal, or stone

– Shelf vanities

  • Cheap
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain or treat
  • But too plain or too common

Place Bright Wall Lamps above Interesting Bathroom Vanity Mirrors in Traditional Room with Black Vanity


If you are asking what material that is most used and has affordable price? The answer is absolutely laminated particle board. However, to make sure you know if you buy not high quality of the wood, it means that you won’t have long lasting vanity mirror cabinet. The cabinet here as the decorative attraction that plays important role to beautify the vanity mirror.

Other things should be considered

– Handles & Hinges

Hinges and handles are one set in the vanity mirror. The tips are you should choose soft – closing hinges. About the style, you don’t need to overthinking. Nowadays, there are a lot of choices to satisfy the customer of the vanity mirror.

– Sink units

You have the right to choose whether you will use single or dual sink type. The benefit of having dual sink is that you can offer to another member of the family to use it at the same time. No egoistic feeling when you have the dual sink unit.

But besides the simplicity for the family, it helps also in saving the situation from morning hectic days. Then it can be said that the sink plays as the peacekeeper between family members who need to wash their hands or do something else.

The most important from all is that vanity mirror and its cabinet help the user of the bathroom feel comfortable.

Classic Wooden Vanity and Wide Bathroom Vanity Mirrors Completing Elegant Bathroom with White Bathtub

Install Bright Lights above White Sinks and Clean Bathroom Vanity Mirrors above Black Vanity

Choose White Vanities and Sinks under Frameless Bathroom Vanity Mirrors on Dark Painted Wall

Complete Traditional Bathroom using White Vanity and Awesome Bathroom Vanity Mirrors on Tile Wall

Fascinating White Sinks and Dark Oak Vanity Placed under Wood Framed Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Long White Vanity and Sinks Located under Wide Bathroom Vanity Mirrors for Old Fashioned Room

Use Glossy Framed Bathroom Vanity Mirrors for Minimalist Room with Marble Sink and Tile Wall

Wood Framed Bathroom Vanity Mirrors above White Sinks and Oak Vanity inside Wide Room

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