Things to Consider About Custom Made Furniture

If you want specific furniture and you can’t find it in all stores, then it is time for you to try having custom made furniture. There are many furniture makers who can make you the furniture you want. People love this kind of furniture because of many reasons such as they want to have specific size or shape of furniture. However, still you need to know and consider some things before having custom furniture.

Best Interior Room Decor Uisng Custom Made Furniture of Chandelier and Table

1. The price is flexible.

Having custom made furniture is not always pricey. Many people think that this furniture is expensive because it is not ready to be showed in stores or showroom. However, in fact, the price of custom made furniture can be cheaper. The price is depended on the furniture maker or manufacturer. They have their standard in deciding the price. The price normally based on designer fee, sales percentage, the factory, taxes, advertising, shipping, rent, air conditioning and insurance.

2. It takes more time.

To make the custom made furniture, for sure it takes time. The furniture makers need time to design and make. Normally, it will take for about five to eight weeks or more. Moreover, it can be more times if you have some revisions on the forms, size and materials. You can’t be in hurry to order custom furniture.

3. Size is important.

If you order custom furniture in the experienced furniture makers, you may be surprised on how good they make the furniture based on your order especially the size. For example, there is an order of a dining room table with six chairs and the couple who order it has different size. The husband is big and the wife is small, then the furniture maker can custom the dining table and chairs which can fit their size. The chairs can be made smaller and shorter but with the same height so no one can tell that the chairs are different.

Delightful Dining Area With Table plus Charming Chairs also Fake Flower Accessories

4. Prepare a picture.

It doesn’t mean you have to get many pictures on your smartphone. However, having your idea in the form of picture will ease the furniture maker to imagine what you want. It is much better rather than you tell them the abstract concept. If you have difficulties to draw, you can download some pictures on the internet then tell the furniture maker on which part you want and you don’t want.

5. Go green

Having custom made furniture is one way to know what materials for your furniture. Many modern furniture are made of recycled and sustainable materials which are good for environment.

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