These Kitchen Color Schemes Would Surprise You

Finding the perfect color scheme for a kitchen could be quite frustrating. It might not be like as devastating as paying your property loan, but still it could take most of your time and energy to understand what is suitable color scheme for your kitchen.

Therefore, these following kitchen color schemes are offered. You can directly apply it to your home, while you can also do some improvisation. As long as you can manage the right color combination, then it is not a wrong thing to try distinct design.

Surprising Painted Ceiling in Green to Meet Grey and White Kitchen Color Scheme

White, Apple Green and Dark Brown

Whoever finds a way to get the right coordination of these three colors in a kitchen would be able to see how fresh the room is. The apple green is lovely on the cabinets, white for the wall tiles and dark brown wood is used as the ceiling and island.

It might sound a bit weird for some of you finding that the dark brown fills the most of the room. So how could it not make the room dark as a cave? Natural light is let in through the wide thin-framed window that surround the high-ceiling kitchen.

Cream and Copper

Plain white is too common as a part of kitchen color schemes. But, it is undeniable that white gives clear visual image of a clean, and spacious kitchen. So, in order to bridge the problematic opinions, cream is chosen to be combined with copper. Consequently, you will be able to see a natural balance between the two colors.

A fresh and modern look is what you can directly catch after seeing that color scheme in a kitchen. Hardwood flooring is considered to be the best match for the two colors.

Interesting Combination of Purple Touches on Cabinets and Extended Blue Backsplash for Color Scheme

Butter, Citron and Black

Don’t worry about having a charcoal gray island in your kitchen. The black shade would not be looking so dominant compared to the yellowish upper cabinets and greenish lower cabinets. The two beautiful and fresh colors are separated by the mosaic tiles in the middle. Stainless steel also accompanies the existing kitchen color schemes to make them even more incredible.

Orange, Black and Gray

One of the most brilliant kitchen color schemes you should have known is right here. A dramatic bold design of a contemporary kitchen plays with a combination of orange cabinets, gray countertops, and black window frames. All the sexiest colors are in here, all in one.

Undeniable Orange Accents on Kitchen Furniture Combined with Brown Wall Painting

Unusual Kitchen Color Scheme Representing Warm and Calm Nuance Supported by Wooden Furniture

White and Blue Kitchen Color Scheme Represented by Wall painting and Backsplash

Bold Kitchen Color Scheme with the Combination of Red and Black Touches for Painting and Furnishing

White and Grey Kitchen Color Scheme Supported by Dark Finished Wooden Flooring

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