These 5 Outdoor Kitchen Designs Are Marvelous

Get rid of the stress you’ve attained from work, and be here by the side of your home’s deck to cook most delicious dished for you and family. Wait a sec, does it mean you are going to cook at an outdoor kitchen? Yes, you are. And if you have not had any, pick one up from these outdoor kitchen designs to inspire you.

Contemporary Outdoor Stone Kitchen Connected to Pergola with Living Furniture for Gathering

Recycled Antiques

What looks shiny and fabulous from this kitchen is just the L-shaped metallic cabinetry and appliances. But, that is not where the authenticity of this kitchen comes from. Instead, the salvaged antique materials do. A set of dining table and wooden chairs are placed around the middle of the area, still with some traces of old and tough time. Its colors are degraded by the time, but they are extremely beautiful, matched with distinctive potted plants and mustard walls around the area.

Cedar on Kitchen

Two cedar structures are built at this patio, one for the cabinetry and appliances, while the other one is used to protect the seating area from direct sun light. Around the area, potted plants are arranged beautifully, making the outdoor kitchen blend in nature. So, it’s like you are going to see an outdoor kitchen in the middle of a garden.

Two-in-One Kitchen

If you know how it feels having an indoor kitchen side by side with a patio or backyard, then this one is similar to that one, minus the glass window separated both zones. Here everyone can get cold drinks from the fridge and sit on a wooden chair at the patio without needing to open or close a door. The kitchen’s ceiling color is matched with the cabinetry and walls, while metallic appliances get along really well with the gray shades.

Chic Curvy Outdoor Kitchen Design Idea with Dining Space for Six People

View Within Reach

Do you know what is most incredible from owning an outdoor kitchen? Being able to enjoy the vast borderless sky just above your head, and here is one of the most gorgeous outdoor kitchen designs you can take as a reference. The U-shaped layout is strengthened by stones while all appliances are shiny and made from metal. Just that simple, until you find a clear sky above your head, covering you from distant celestial objects.

Mini Bar and Couch

The outdoor kitchen’s size is not that large, of which intimacy can be felt so strongly. Potted plants are placed around the corner behind a comfy cozy where the whole family loves to enjoy warm conversations. In addition, by one of the side of the island, some wooden stools are put in line as additional seating.

Stylish Stone and Wood Outdoor Kitchen Coddled with Awesome Green Landscape View

Built in Pergola with Exposed Brick and Wood Pillars Equipped with L Shaped Kitchen and Dining Space

Wall Mount TV Added in Outdoor Kitchen to Make Cozier Nuance While Waiting for the Prepared Meals

Captivating Natural Outdoor Kitchen Idea with Wood and Stone Touches and Stainless Steel Furniture

Cozy Outdoor Kitchen Design with Effective Layout between Outdoor Dining and Living Space

Simple Outdoor Kitchen Design with Stone Cabinet and Countertop Combined with Stainless Steel Storage

Stunning Rounded Outdoor Kitchen Design Connected to Curvy Swimming Pool with Landscape

Interesting Pergola with Stone and Wood Materials Completed with Outdoor Kitchen

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